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  • chris.marcocci chris.marcocci Feb 15, 2013 4:33 AM Flag

    what should i do?

    im perplexed. i have 900 dollars, should i buy more stock? it will get me another 23,500 shares abouts, bringing me to a total of 103,500 shares. any suggestions

    thoughts on the matter would be nice, because 900 dollar is not a lot but it is a lot for me. is it worth it, advice please.

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    • Call the CEO. Whether you like and trust what you hear should help you make that decision. And as incomplete as that may be when it comes to DD, at this time there is not much else to go on. The only other advice I'd offer is that you diversify and be comfortable with the relatively higher possibility you may lose all you have invested in SLTD. Good luck!

      P.S. Regards your concern about patent coverage, the application is indeed international. I tried posting the details 2x but Yahoo didn't like my content for some reason. Search "WIPO+Solar3D" to see the full app for yourself.

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      • yes i talked with him already and he told me who he planned on partnering with and if that does not happen than there are many others that could partner with. so i know if the prototype works they will definetly play a huge part in solar. they do have a lot of conclusive evidence through there success with the P.O.C., but im just a little skeptical because the stock is very low for all the great news they have and that the stock should have more volitility.

        now that i think of it, even if the cell is only 23-24 percent efficient, they would still be a great cell, because they would be more efficient and still capture more sunlight from from the wide angle collector. i think im leaning toward buying more, maybe i will buy 500$ more and decide if i want to spend the other 400.

        also i learned that inless you have lots of money do not diversify, because most gains are eaten by the buy-in and buy-outs. your gains are also diminished from any account fees that are required from your brokerage, and they add up. if you buy into a stock with 1000 dollar and it goes up 20% that year, then you sell it. lets look at the true amount of gains you made. 7$ buy-in+ 7$sell + possible 10-20$ yearly account fee + taxes taken out 25%= $80. you went fro a 20% gain to a 12% gain. so if you have only a little to invest go all in on a stock that has a good chance of gaining and if you have a lot of money then diversify, because your risk is higher and you have more to lose.

        now if you put 1000 dollars into five different stock and got 20% at the end of the year, you would have 1000$ extra. but after paying all the buy-in, buy-out, fees, and taxes your gains start to look like #$%$.
        so inless you have lots of money to invest dont diversify as much with such a little amount.

        to each his own, thank for the input

      • SLTD is a bit of a gambling stock. Only buy the $900 worth if you have $900 to lose.
        Oh BTW at .028, $900 will buy you about 32,000 shares.
        $224,000 at $7 per share extra for the 32,000 shares would be cool!

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