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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 May 24, 2005 8:51 AM Flag

    CEOCAST -Bailed

    right on like you said dpkefed..

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    • doubt they bailed out fellas...they only cover companies in their newsletter if they have something to say. nothing went on at the company last week. i own a stock that they recommended which is up slightly from when they covered it, but they have said nothing about it for three weeks because there has been no company news. we will find out in the next couple of weeks. don't like the fact that the company is not announcing any deals.

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      • You hit the nail on the head billblackwell.

        They haven't bailed. They see this stock going lower than $12/shr within the next few weeks. Why? Because like you said no new business has come there way. They were right when they announced that this year they will be lucky to see $0.31/shr earnings. This will put pressure on the stock and it will go lower. Longs can only hope from here that it stays where it is or they may as well get out. Next year the first 2 quarters will not be any better. I used to own this stock and made money on it but I have my money in the bank for now and will continue to look for a lower entry point, say $11 to $12. May not buy then either.