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  • soldi_reali soldi_reali Apr 23, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    Obama to blame self?

    Probably not. Although he was given the chance to avoid air traffic controller furloughs he didn't take it. It's more important to pay for foreign aid to Israel and give away $2 billion in free cell phone service and who knows what else than to keep America's airports running.

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    • Here we are blaming Obama for the air traffic problems. What irony. It was Paul Ryan who originated the need to cut this spending in the midst of a feeble recovery, and he has just recently been revealed to have relied on faulty information/faulty conclusions of two academics.

      I don't know what else I can say to you about this. We should not be cutting spending until this economy is healed. Restoring the funding for air traffic when other sectors have also been hit, is not really fair. There are a lot of other sectors where cuts have been made which hurt people, and those people may not be as vocal as the daily plane commuters.

      Leave the air traffic like it is, until the whole sequester is retracted.

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      • Before the sequester, congress offered Obama a way to avoid air controller layoffs. He refused. Now we have air traffic problems.

        According to the Dems, it's never a good time to reduce spending. What people have forgotten in this debate is the reason all these countries are undergoing "austerity" is that they borrowed too much money and no one wanted to lend them anymore. The US would be in the same position except that it can print all the money it wants. Do others still want to lend to us? Well, the Fed bought over 60% of new US debt last year. It's a sign not to be ignored.

    • soldi,
      so now it's back to politics for you? Not much to say about investing? Maybe you can come up with some new insights into the power of compounding. Or how about predicting the next global economic armagedon? So far you have accurately predicted 19 of the last two global slowdowns.

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      • Glad you mentioned the power of compounding. Many, many people have built wealth through DRIP, DCA and similar things. BTW, we are having a global slowdown, right now. These things take a long time to play out. US investors think that is either wrong or irrelevant because their stocks are doing so well. They are happy to let Bernanke continue distorting the markets in their favor, like sheep being driven to the edge of a cliff not knowing or caring about the consequences. My kind of message is never popular, because people don't like anything that mars their happy dreams and delusions. Uh, huh, it's different this time.

    • just get there a little early. Congress and Obama are going to play their games you can't stop that. I find it funny though that while Obama was a Senator he voted No to a debt increase. 4 going on 5 years no budget, first time in our natons history a president has got away with this. After all this time nobody is asking why, like the price is gas more then double, when this country is pumping more oil out of the ground then ever before. so why is gas so high? You won't get a word out of Obama or the media.

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