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  • platguru platguru Oct 24, 2012 8:31 PM Flag


    (adding info to my first post...if anyone cares?)
    I knew it was to sell last night, but it certainly was NOT easy to find that out.
    Not cool to be SOOO in the dark, then and even NOW.
    In the short and longer term, however, I think this will be a good thing.
    No dilution...and the offering could still be done again soon...timing was just accidentally terrible w market conditions what they were yesterday.
    I believe the stock was shorted, by underwriters and/or others, ahead of the offering ... by hours/ have capital at a decent price to help support the stock AFTER the deal priced...tricky and I don't know if it is technically legal?...I do believe it is a violation of SEC rules to short a stock under a $2 or $3 price...for the same reason it cannot be margined at those levels. Anyway, upon cancellation of the deal, it forced short covering explaing the last two days of crazy price movement and volume. The above, under the dotted line, is simply my theory and not something I know to be factual.

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    • it is my understanding that the original investment bank Rodman is gone , done, whatever.. but i figured the banker moved over to the dark hole of AEGIS CAPITAL. Anyway this is no way to finance a company. they burn investors . i did not buy this at $ in at $1.30s . if there is a good story here... they dont want to tell me {us].... it must work for the day traders of this pig, it seems the uninformed may have got burned in the last few trading days. The good news is that i was able to vent to the CFO, he is a very nice guy. Good luck , Shark

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      • He is indeed. I, too, have spoken w Scott Kellen. The company is HQ'd a few miles from my home. I am very intrigued at the potential that exists here if the FDA would move positively, sooner rather than later. Good luck to all! I think we see another quick 30,000 shares trade tomorrow at $1.50 to $1.75, then settle in at $1.60-$1.90 for a bit...after the presentation in Barcelona on Saturday we may see $2 again soon...speculation. Would like to hear more of your insight. I've read both prospecti (sp?) thoroughly. Have been offered a tour/presentation by Scott, don't know why I haven't done that...I did stop by a few months after the IPO and got a prospectus at HQ. I first took a look and a taste of the stock at about $4, more at better prices. I think your $1.30 entry is strong. I did buy more yesterday @ $1.26...almost went in bigger yesterday at about $1.19, oh well.

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