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  • absisdeadinthewater absisdeadinthewater Oct 21, 2003 8:11 PM Flag

    Everyone needs to understand a few

    things about ABS management. First they are all grossly over paid, and they know it. They know it and like it. Why else would any self respecting upper manager stay at this company? There are approximately 300 directors in the corporate offices. Each director makes at about $120,000 per year.
    Then there are about 140 Vice presidents in the corporate offices. Each of these positions pays about $150,000 per year. Then you have the "upper crust" the senior and executive V.P.s, about 15 of them making about $250,000 a year and more not including all the additional perks...

    Now the company has been failing for the past 5 years. Both Albertsons and American stores were each failing on their own prior to Albertsons purchase of American Stores. Albertsons sales had flattened and American stores got caught by their own creative accounting and could borrow no more from the future.

    Now the question is "why do some 450 people hang in their at a company where their options are under water and their company is beseiged by strike, Walmart, fast food"...

    Because these people would be lucky to get jobs that paid $50,000 a year if they left.

    There is no where for them to go... and that is what everyone needs to understand. Upper management is SCARED. I mean it, they are really scared of the future. They have managed scared for years. It has been their style. They were like ostriches with thier heads in the sand when Wal-mart entered grocery. Let's not look and maybe they will go away!

    Associates, we are dealing with scared people who have gotten use to the good life and are now faced with the fact they may have lose it in the near future. They will do anything now to prevent from losing their jobs... They will keep downsizing, they will close stores, they will cut health care... as long as they can keep their jobs and they will cut yours to do it!

    They have no where to go. You lowly associates are use to working for $14.00 an hour. But Directors, VPs, they could not bare the thought of living on $50,000 a year. Losing all the free meals. Losing the golf outings. Having to be accountable to a CUSTOMER.

    Be careful. They will do ANYTHING.

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    • What you need to understand is that all UNION hippies have the same chance for advancement as the "ABS management". Don't like being a "lowly associate working for $14 bucks an hour". Then do something about it. Work your ass off, learn all you can learn about your industry, make a difference, make waves. Quit bitching about how much management makes and become one of them. Or leave the industry, and go where you are appreciated, or why not start your own business? I mean if you are so valuable, why are you where you are? BTW, the company has been failing for far more than 5 years. Look at a chart!


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      • I don't recall bitching in my post, just facts. You said work your ass and become one of them (management) or quit. You obviously do not know how it works. I am one of THEM. I see people managing "scared" every day. I am tired of losing.

        The associates at the store have about as much chance of getting to upper level management positions as a snowball in hell.

        Just because they take a few associates in the office a year doesn't mean they will make any more money. I feel sorry for lower management in the offices as well.

        Upper management will and has sacrificed a large number of employees (store level and corporate) to save their own skin.

        They have done nothing in the past 5 years to combat demographic and competitive changes. Why, because it is easier to cut head count than to take a new innovative approach and "risk" the chance that is will not succeed and then look like a failure.

        Cutting jobs is the easy way out. When will Larry and all the top VPs take a needed pay cut. They have failing grades for 5 years. Why don't they take a 20% pay cut? If you cut their benefits it is no big deal. They make a couple hundred thousand a year. They should take a significant pay CUT because they are failing and the company needs to save money.

      • MANAPST,

        i totally agree with you. and if the contract goes well and i don't find a better job i will do that.

        but if the contract goes bad...the union will only survive a few contracts more--if that. and when the union breaks--the employees at abs will be constantly pushed out and replaced with lower wage employees and venders until you only have a store director, a few department heads making about 12-15 an hour and a wal-mart like army of minimum wage employees and venders. at that time the store directors will no long make 100+ a year with bonuses...but rather they will be lucky if they make 50 a year.

        the biggest operational problem with abs is that they think that they can run the company from the top down. and because of this they feel that they can replace everyone at the store level with minimum wage employees. they want to be like walmart.

        what they don't understand is that although wal-marts operational model has been extremely successful in the short time...wal-marts operational model is parsitic and will cause the company to begin to colapse in 5-8 years.

        they don't understand that by letting the bottom (store level) run itself and paying for talented individuals to work at the store level--that the company will be more successful--especially in the long term.

        by copying wal-mart all abs is going to do is issure high profitiblity in the short term followed by their immediate demise.

    • Another great post, and all that you say was true before the strike, and will be true after it too.

    • You've just hit the nail squarly on the head brother!