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  • robscott315 robscott315 Oct 30, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    I SEEN $2.49 today then .89 cents . Think that is not good .

    Who did that from $2.49 to .98 cents in 5000 trade .

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    • Someone must have put an 8000 share order in at the market, not at a limit price. That is a no, no, and most legitimate brokerage firms will not accept such orders on low price stocks like OPCO has been because of exactly this possibility. IT HAPPENS TOO OFTEN WITH LOTS OF SMALL COMPANIES; It has nothing to do with them or OPCO, its just the way some unscrupulous market makers are. Of course someone else sold immediately and the price reverted back to what it should have been at that point, both the buyer and then the seller following got the shaft. SHAME ON THE MARKET MAKER, BUT OUR PET COMPANY IS NOT IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT HAPPENING. OPCO is a steal at these prices and a major breakout occurred today and on big volume too, just as I've been predicting for several days now. Go back and read my posts . This move is for real and OPCO long term is a STRONG BUY, not a sell, of course day to day prices are anybodies guess, but as for the long term OPCO has their act together and should be bought; its going up... PEACE TO ALL AND GOOD LUCK TO US ALL AS WELL...

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      • Excellent reply both from the unrealistic price spike and comments on the company. This is a very good company with a solid track record. In my opinion the stock price should be closer to $3 than to $1. They have done very little to work with the investment community therefore they have few if any analysts that follow them. I am glad to see that they have hired an IR person. I hope he does his job, hopefully we will see some IR type releases and improvements in the OPCO investor website that is very out dated. If we see no results from the recently hired IR company in the next 6 month, I hope he will be fired and a new IR firm hired. This is a good company in the right industry that most investors and analysts have never heard of. The latest earning release would have sent the stock price to at least $1.50.

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