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  • novalis_97 novalis_97 Sep 14, 2012 12:24 AM Flag

    My Samsung TV, washing machine, and camera all broke in less than 2 years

    Samsung makes CRAP. I'll never buy cheap, Korean goods again. Koreans are good imitators but there are eventually legal limits to counterfeit products like Samsung's Galaxy products, especially once you reach the global stage. I'll never drink fake Korean cola either (I forget what the name of this was when I lived there), but Samsung derives from the Korean counterfeiting culture, which is sleazy just like the fake Louis Vuitton bags, fake Rolex watches, fake Nike shoes in Itaewon. Fake, counterfeit products are considered "normal" in some Third World countries, but until their education systems rise above rote memorization, they'll always be followers rather than leaders capable of true innovation.

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