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  • Amok_Nom_Jabbar Amok_Nom_Jabbar Feb 19, 2004 9:16 AM Flag

    turbo tax got hosed by mvsn,,SB107714355683533114,00.html?mod=technology_mai

    Last year, the choice between the two software options was simple: TaxCut. Its chief rival TurboTax shot itself in the foot by installing special antipiracy technology that wound up preventing people from using it on more than one computer. After complaints from customers, TurboTax issued a public apology. It has said taxpayers can use this year's version on multiple computers.


    No rev $$ from TT this year mvsn.
    What a black eye for mvsn!

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    • stoc_holiday_short_seller_slayer stoc_holiday_short_seller_slayer Feb 19, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

      First off that's subscription link.

      No actually the choice was simple: TurboTax. It did not shoot itself in the foot. Did you not read the earnings reports from Intuit for the quarters in which they implemented product activation? It drove profits and revenues up all this despite a soft tax year as most people made far less than they had in previous years. There was an obvious correlation between the product activation and Intuit's revenue growth especially at a time when the economy was doing very poorly.

      After complaints by a few ignorant users, Intuit capitulated though privately they were pleased with the results that Macrovision's technology provided for them. Intuit did not introduce the product well to their consumer base and that is what upset a few people not that Intuit was actually protecting their IP. As a shareholder of Intuit, I would be livid that the company does not do all it can to protect their investment.

      Also, Intuit is still using Macrovision on a limited basis for non retail copies so in fact Macrovision is seeing revenue from Intuit.

      Did anyone notice that Intuit had to lower their forecast for 2004? The year in which they are not using Macrovision on widespread releases.

      Coincidence? I think not!

      Black Eye for Macrovision? Ya their product helped the bottomline and that is a black eye? I bet more companies wish they could get black eyes like that. Hmmm the product actually does help the bottomline. If it were a black eye, why have several other companies since the Intuit fiasco implement product activation? No a black eye would be what happened to symantec.

    • If tubo or taxcut companies want to distribute their softwares for free copying, more power to them! The question is: Is that sustainable? I doubt! Software companies should stand up and fight! Some software company would always try to market their product by giving it free but soon or later their ass will be bloody!

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