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    Now, Cineplex is entering an evolving era of movie-watching that brings a host of new challenges. The company is about to launch a new online offering called Ultraviolet that will put it on a competitive footing against a whole new slate of global rivals. You can imagine the skeptics raising their eyebrows once again as Mr. Jacob proclaims that there are no companies in the world better placed than Cineplex when it comes to delivering online movies to Canadians – including Apple Inc. and Amazon Inc.

    If the Ultraviolet rollout is to be a success, it will be on the back of the 400,000-person strong Scene loyalty program that the company has spent the past several years building, with its 50-per-cent partner Scotiabank, but has yet to fully exploit. The loyalty program keeps track of who watches what and rewards participants with discounts.

    “When you think about what this company is, it’s nothing short of astounding,” said Jordan Banks, the president of Facebook Canada (and long-time movie aficionado). “It’s a world leader in the consumption of everything that isn’t a ticket – I’m not sure anyone does it better. And their loyalty program is massive – you could almost call them a data company.”

    Investors are feeling pretty good, too – with the company’s stock up 25 per cent in 2012 on the strength of a string of strong quarters.

    Ultraviolet is basically an online locker, says vice-president Patricia Marshall, where users can rent or buy movies directly from Cineplex. But when you add in the loyalty program, she says, it becomes a far more powerful business proposition.

    “Think of a James Bond movie,” she says. “Wouldn’t it be great to see the movie that came right before the new one? So if you go to our website to buy a ticket, we’ll let you buy any of the other Bond movies at the same time. And give you bonus points, and discounts at the concessions. And when you walk out, we can sell you a copy of that movie that will show up in your digital locker when it’s done showing in theatres. We get you before everyone else"

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    • Cineplex First to Launch UltraViolet in Canada
      Access Your Movies in the UltraViolet Cloud and Share Them With Friends and Family

      Cineplex Entertainment is the first retailer in Canada and the only motion picture exhibitor in the world offering this service as part of an exciting new ecosystem that will forever change the way we watch movies.

      If you are at the cottage, your spouse is travelling and your kids are at home, all of you can access the movies stored in your UltraViolet account. As many as three users can stream movies at one time, with no restrictions on the number of downloaded movies that can be watched simultaneously. You also have the added confidence of knowing that your movies are stored in the UltraViolet cloud, eliminating fears of losing content through crashed drives or getting locked into a single retail/device brand.

      Look for the UltraViolet logo on specially marked DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Every time you buy an UltraViolet-enabled movie, the package will contain a digital PIN Code. You simply add the digital PIN Code, which is your proof of purchase, to your UltraViolet account. By doing so, this confirms your rights to the movie enabling you to watch it wherever and whenever you want. There is no extra cost for the UltraViolet-enabled copy of the movie.

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      • Cineplex Inc. Reports Record Fourth Quarter

        Our digital commerce initiatives *powered by Rovi* continued to advance with the addition of new digital content, devices and playback functionality and the launch of UltraViolet at the Cineplex Store.

        Launched Apple MAC streaming capability and UltraViolet redemption on the Cineplex Store. Cineplex is the first retailer in Canada and the only motion picture exhibitor in the world offering UltraViolet redemption.

        Integrated the Cineplex Store app on LG smart televisions and set-top boxes. In addition to LG products, the app is also available on select Samsung smart televisions and blu-ray players.

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