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  • Rovi and Ultraviolet are both looking pretty good right now.

    CES 2013: The Digital Entertainment Group, which manages the UltraViolet project for video distribution via the cloud, plans to unveil an aggressive promotion for the technology.

    Understanding Snic's specific role was never easy, however I made my final view clear. SNIC did NOT = UV, but would run parallel and support it.. and were not dependant on its success or failure.

    "Sonic took Rovi for a 'ride'. What does that mean?"
    Doe this really require a response? In retrospect, obviously they overpaid. It looks like the Fools actually got one right.. search 'Does Rovi Understand What It's Buying'

    Yep, understanding this one was always tough.

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    • Thanks Stu. I still own Jan calls so look forward to the CES. 'Taking for a ride' can mean different things, which is why I asked. Haven't really followed the story much for over a year. Good luck.

    • Rovi may get their money back on the sale of the Storefront and still have Divx... Which has to be worth quite a bit. The Storefront will probably still be powered by Rovi...and should drive income to Rovi...? Correct? We will know this week I believe.


      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Well, they will at least supply core technologioes to the storefronts.. What they have said, "We are not backing any particular provider, but rather the broader market shift to digital entertainment delivery. We expect the number of 'over the top' providers to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Bottom line in the streaming race is that we remain neutral. We truly just want streaming digital media to take off. We pretty much have a "powered by Rovi" strategy. We provide all the parts to make it happen (as mentioned above from the encoding, to the video delivery) so we are backing anyone who wants a great streaming experience.

        Rovi Corporation, driving digital entertainment innovation, today announced that the DivX(R) digital rights management (DRM) used with the company's adaptive streaming format, has been approved by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) for streaming use within the UltraViolet ecosystem. With the DivX DRM becoming part of the UltraViolet technology specification, DivX Plus Streaming(R) may be easily used by UltraViolet retailers to deliver a consistently high quality over-the-top video streaming experience.

        In addition to providing core DRM technology, Rovi is also powering some of the first UltraViolet-enabled retail services. For a major studio and leading US retailer, Rovi's end-to-end solution for digital entertainment distribution, Rovi Entertainment Store, is enabling integrated UltraViolet account creation and linking, purchase history and code redemption, disc-to-digital redemptions, as well as digital locker management and device streaming. As a result, consumers are able to view and access their UltraViolet collections, regardless of where movie purchases were made, directly within the library of their favorite retail service.

    • Like I said, I actually feel somewhat guilty making money on that one. The folks at Sonic Solutions, absolutely brilliant.

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