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  • emerald_islerr emerald_islerr Jan 26, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

    Rovi Entertainment Store IP

    Question from Rovi's recent Analyst & Investor Meeting and DEMO at CES:

    Unidentified Analyst: "As you look at divesting the entertainment store assets, do you anticipate keeping the IP associated with it, or woould that go along with the sale?"

    Peter Halt, CFO "The Rovi Entertainmant Store...and the Sonic base came over with no IP."

    Later in the meeting another unidentified analyst asked for some color on DivX...CEO Tom Carson responded and after a long drawn out answer he summed it up this way...

    "Where success comes long term is really tied to content services that are streaming and/or side loaded that consumers want. We've been alligned with the Rovi Entertainment Store and expect that to continue in a customer supplier relationship obviously as the Rovi Entertainment Store moves."

    If Rovi sells the Entertainmant Store to Amazon, Verizon/Redbox or some other big playert, that bodes well for Divx. There are any number of buyers, but Rovi stated that the interest in the entertainmnet store exceeded their expectations...

    Good Luck


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