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  • ambiraja ambiraja May 2, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Mis-information catching up

    Rovi sort of misleads folks on a regular basis. First the entertainment store was a growth area, then it suddenly turns into discontinued operation. Same with Total Guide everybody wants it, now there are headwinds to it. At some point the board should wake-up and clean shop. You cannot just live with just licensing and patents..

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    • CEO Thomas Carson

      "While our TotalGuide xD engagement and rollouts are moving faster than anticipated, the rollout of TotalGuide for set-top boxes is moving a little bit slower, mainly due to third-party dependencies. Despite the slower rollout by our customers, I am pleased that we had hit our internal release schedules with TotalGuide 1.0 and now TotalGuide 1.1. While we are currently working closely with Bend, Buckeye and Mediacom, to deploy TotalGuide for set-top boxes, we now believe our MSO clients are more likely to commercially deploy this offering to their consumers in the second half of the year. To be clear, between now and the end of July, we have 4 lab trials planned, and we still expect to field deployments by the end of the year with at least 3 MSOs. The revenue impact of this change is insignificant for us this year."

      I think he sounds fairly positive on TotalGuide 1.0 and 1.1, real positive on xD...


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      • Closing statement to Q1 2013 conference call:

        "Thomas Carson - Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
        So first, I want to thank everybody for joining us today. Hopefully, we gave you a little bit more color on what's going on in our business. The things I think are important to take away are first, we got the great success on the IP front with some of the deals that we have announced, and I think that gives us good validity around our intellectual property and the licensing business that goes around it. I think from the prepared remarks, you can see in areas like TotalGuide for xD, it's a great demonstration of what we're trying to do in the area of guidance on connected devices. So I'm really pleased with what's happening there. Also on the DivX front, in prior calls, we noted the headwinds that we're seeing in the DivX area, but the deals that we have done and have in the pipeline are resonating with the CE customers that we're talking to, particularly with things like DivX Plus Streaming, and we think there's a really good opportunity in the service provider space. Data, I think there's a lot more opportunities there. We have a very solid data business, really happy with the Facebook deal that we announced and those type of deals. I think there is more to come. And then just finally, the business and the team continues to be very, very operational-focused, right? We're trying to not only navigate to the future, but also manage out the resources that we have. So basically for Q1, I'm very, very happy with the results and look forward to talking to everybody in Q2. So again, thank you very much for your time and attention, and we'll talk to you, all, soon."

        I like it, just a little bs take down today on a positive conference call, Rovi has some big announcements coming and they know it...they just don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet...imho


    • They're making a killing with just licending and patents. Passport and iGuide are dominant in the Tier 2 & 3 markets. The Tier 1s license from Rovi. Comcast and Dish will be renewed in 2015/2016 at considerable higher rates. EPS alone from that may go up 50%. So, yes, cable headends are tough to innovate in. But it also means that once you're in, you're in. I use Hulu and Netflix, too. I love them. But the mass market still prefers a nice cable package. And the MSOs will be providing competitive OTT offerings. They have to. Rovi gets paid either way - OTT AND STB. The more use cases, the better. One more thing, when Netflix settles - maybe this year - this is a $30 stock.

      They have some stuff to fix, what company doesn't. But this company has a nice runway of opportunities.

      Peace out...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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