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Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap Inv Message Board

  • docsfinx2 docsfinx2 Jan 9, 2011 2:45 PM Flag


    Any advise or wisdome with this fund ? and is it a good entry point now ? I like the fund and all of my research so far says it is a good fund although it is also rated high on risk which is understandable . Appriciate the input in advance .

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    • this was closed to new investors, the fund family has a good performance history so look at their other funds. Ive been happy with them been invested for 9 years with them.

    • jshasky Apr 24, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

      Well quite honestly it hasn't done a whole lot in moving up with the NAV. I looked back for any dividend and didn't find any. It has a management fee of about 2.09% which is quite high for no activity.I think this fund could go much higher in years to come but only if the world economy can move greatly higher. I would like to see if any year end dividend is paid out before I buy anymore shares.I believe Lazard Sticker symbol: LDMOX (developing emerging markets fund) is a much more interesting buy.

    • morning-5-stars for some time now.....

      global depression clearing....could be an upwards move.....

      american politics and euro-trash knobs are the restraining factors....otherwise....????

      Will the ultra-wealthy wait another whole year????

      Will the fund managers wait another year for "equity" investment????

      Only time will tell....

    • I have owned WAGTX for 3-4 years and am extremely pleased with return up 87%. Wastach has most funds with excellent ratings not just this one. Check out their other funds as well

    • I have this and it doesn't beat DJI, looks like it never has. Trying to unload it once it comes back. How it gets 5 stars from morningstar is beyong me.
      I went with moringstar on 3 other funds; ALL underperforming DJI.
      morningstar blows; once I am out, I will put money in stocks of my own choosing (made money last time I did 78% in two years, but it was nerve-wracking)

    • jshasky Dec 1, 2011 5:51 PM Flag

      Well if you have a long time horizon to get anything back this fund might be it. If you want current income I haven't seen this fund payout anything monthly or at year end. This to me would be long time hold. It's NAV is very small so a big purchase now might pay off in a couple of years.

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