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  • tradeshort tradeshort Aug 18, 2005 7:25 PM Flag

    Thoughts for Tomorrow?

    Think it will go up on short coverings? I was in HOTT yesterday and early this AM, some ass upgraded it to a buy......maybe that same person / company will do it for SHRP? With options expiring tomorrow, what is the sentiment out there?

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    • Its hard to gauge whats going to happen. This stock has a small float and 90% of it is own by institution.
      Last earnings report, I thought institutions would sell big time but they didn't. In fact, Wells Fargo came in and bought 1 mil shares of this company. Its odd that a bank would take so much risk.

    • SHRP last reported on 5/19 and the stock had a minor dip. Within a few days it had rebounded and even saw a rise in share price. They had given negative guidance at that time for this quarter and FY 05.

      Would be nice if there was a reality check and folks got real about the prospects (nil) for this company. A sell recommendation from analysts would be refreshing and not some truncated version of truth or dare.

      Enough of companies getting pumped while others with real revenue, improving margins and earnings get pummeled.

      If this holds true to form, very little can be expected for downside price movement. I hope I am wrong and SHRP gets a valuation based on its performance.

    • I think it will end in the 11s. There just is not much positive going on right now with SHRP. The added uncertainty of the CFO getting out only adds to the problems tomorrow.

      I think it could see the 10s at some point as well.