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  • dpetersennmi dpetersennmi Jul 12, 1999 9:44 AM Flag

    Unexpected PR

    Today's Cincinnati Enquier published a column by
    syndicated columnist Bob Greene devoted to the wonderful
    world of bearings and Timken. It's a fluff piece, but
    may raise awareness and bring in a few investers.

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    • Timken is a tapered roller bearing
      Your point is well taken given that caveat.
      roller bearings offer superior performance and longevity
      to ball bearing in heavy duty applications: rail,
      heavy truck, SUV....where Timken has a preferred

    • positive implications. Stock should trend up once market digests news. Stock could spike if sale materializes very near term.

    • Ball bearings do not equal tapered roller

      I believe that American express is the company that
      Timken has retained for its 401k plan.

      conclusion is perhaps valid if the term "ball bearings" is
      replaced with "tapered roller bearings."

    • I take some comfort knowing that American Express
      Financial owns over 9 million shares of Timken. They are by
      far the largest institutional holder. Remember that
      TKR is the premier company in industrial ball
      bearings. All major machinery needs bearings to avoid
      friction; some of TKR's higher end bearings even have
      "smart chips" installed. The real potential is in this
      value added component of the business. The real drag on
      TKR has been its commodity business: Latrobe Steel.
      They have retained an investment banker to assist with
      strategic initiatives, ie. sale, combination, etc. When
      this is resolved, look for a solid short term move in
      the stock; the move will then become sustainable as
      the fundamentals in ball bearings improves.

    • another tradable rally? Stay tuned and keep your trading finger on the trigger.

    • Sorry for not responding - I have been out of the
      country (Europe). My feeling is that Europe is in a
      recovery mode, but it is hard to tell if that means more
      sales for TKR. Timken, as you know, has a big prescence
      in Europe, so that should help. Asia is another
      matter. China claims it isn't going to devalue because
      they have very good foreign reserves. Japan seems to
      be recovering, and certainly Korea is. The major
      factor still remains worldwide overcapacity in the steel
      industry. Timken does have a special market niche - perhaps
      they should really shrink down to the bearings units
      and get out of the general steel business. Aren't
      they thinking about unloading Latrobe?

      At 15
      and change, TKR seem like a good buy at this point.

    • Read message 247. I think you will be able to buy around 13.

    • Do you think that we have had the correction? Is
      Asia recovering or flaundering? Is now the time to buy
      more TKR? I/m an old investor who believes in basic
      Very difficult to decide what to do.

    • their money, maybe we can start going up again.

    • However, the stock seems to be losing its momentum on a technical basis. It might stay this low (or back to the 16.50-17.50) range longer than you think.

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