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Dresser-Rand Group Inc. Common Message Board

  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Jun 26, 2011 3:28 PM Flag


    As the dog continues to drop, just remember the big boys continue to reap larg rewards for their efforts [ no results and little effort].

    olean: so you got a contract with more give backs, remember that when the ceo and his boys rake in the bonus $$$$$. They say times are tough, but only the ones on the lower end of the food chain suffer.

    wellsville : time for a labor & supervisior revolt.... No way walker is going to replace his pet boy even though he has a proven and chronic record of failure and people skills of a lump of clay. Walker loves him and thats all that matters. The only shock is that a major accident hasn't happened due to walkers pet stoping to quick and ron knight breaking his neck due to anal pressure. Where is your gm, oh thats right he travels between two plants a 1,000 miles away from each other ........ That works well.

    painted post: wonder what they will take away from you the next contract or have they sucked all the blood out yet?

    walker and his partner in failure marica continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the ceo [ he still has a job???]/ who cares that they can't lead, woh cares that suppliers continue to send crap into the plants, who cares nothing is delivered on time, who cares that costs are high due to their lack of management ability , who cares that they encourage that people be treated like crap ........ Heck why do you think they were fired from their last jobs or was it that they "left to seek other opportunities"? Dresser-rand always has a home for those with proven lack of skills.

    evidently the board of directors were hand picked yes men, and the major stock holders like loseing money or these fools would be out on their butt , insteads they continue to waste $$$ and live high on the hog. Viva la france

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