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  • drcwls drcwls Jun 28, 2012 8:10 AM Flag

    How about it Wellsville????

    Strike or no Strike? Will the Union roll over for their masters once again or will they grow a set?

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    • Randsavage, you write in this fourm to provoke a response. So i will reply in kind. As a detective you leave a lot to be desired because I am far from a union offical. Your ignorance is evident as you seem to believe that dues paid to unions are the source of income to local union administrative officials. You do not have even a slight clue of the subject that your are trying to degrade. Your simplistic assults on a subject you know very little about is humorous.I shall say that you are no match for Howard Stern, at least he has an intelligent argument to his rhetoric. I find you comical at best. There is one point of truth and intelligent statement that you have made, Dresser Rand is a crap company. The rest of your rant is a sad attempt for attention. My advice to you would be to return to school before you attempt to show the world your intellectual prowess, or lack there of.Degrading others will not make you superior, good leaders understand this point, apparently you are a follower. I respectfully wish you well.

    • My experience related to this location tells me they will Roll Over for the Master! I may be wrong but if history repeats itself they will not take a chance and strike. Personally, I would love to see them stand and fight but I don't see that happening. I wish them well.

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      • I also wish them well and wish that the Company would offer a decent contract, but thats not going to happen, they will want more give backs,after all they need to pay for the move to France so the CEO's wife could get back home, the massive bonus $$$ spent for non-performance and to pay for the dead weight in the Salary ranks ...... the Goverment group for example. It will be the same old story ..... times are bad......where else could you get a job if this place was closed ..... we will bring in Scabs and force you out if you strike , Etc., Etc. ........... maybe they would go for this to be a lean six sigma project or one of the new flavors of the month, that way we could at least be assured nothing would actual change from the current contract.

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