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  • anguyen1962 anguyen1962 Jan 21, 2010 7:53 PM Flag


    This company will up from here:

    - no short at this point
    - no option
    - just reduced author. Share buy 25,000,000 shares
    - refinance is going strong in fl.
    - just hired 30 loan officers
    - added cfo and upgrade to ob market.
    - good managerment at this point (some good players in the team)
    - more refinance in summer time.
    - fl will geting better.

    what uxpu need to do:

    - update monthly loans complted.
    - try to bet forcast as. 3 loans min. Per months.
    - take profit buy back shares on market.

    good luck

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    • They didn't "hire" any loan officers. They are contract help and can come and go as they please. Otherwise they need to be "employees" with all the related withholdings.

      Share buyback won't happen, just announced that 75 million shares are "required" for operations (down from 100 mil)

      Management needs to learn how to write PR's and have someone proofread them before releasing them.

      Don't count on the monthly updates, the quarterly financials take forever, while companies like Intel (just a little larger) have already reported so I think it can be done.

      Once they are released be sure to see if they are certified.

      Good Luck

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      • Sure they hired them, though it is as a contractor. If they come and go as they please they won't be working there very long that's for sure. I've worked many years as work for hire kind of situation which is the same kind of thing, the company considers you an employee though the IRS doesn't. Great for the company and can be great or not so great for the contractor (or self-employed or use your own term) depending on how they perform. From a stockholder standpoint it is very good because EXPU doesn't have to pay health insurance or 401k matching etc. This is how that industry works and would be a major red flag if EXPU didn't operate that way. Car dealerships, some retail, graphic artists, and recording engineers are all examples of fields and positions that operate the same way. Heck even some aerospace contractors work that way.

      • Get a life maybe like everyone else you could put a little more focus on the price per share and less focus on the same old crap you post again and again the share price is up considerably and it is due to the actions taken by management of the company. I for one and happy im invested in EXPU

    • Good post.

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