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  • daytrader812 daytrader812 Jan 22, 2010 10:14 PM Flag

    so whats the skinny here, i am hearing .50

    i dont normally play these little dogs, but hearing some good things, fundamentally.

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      Timeline on 3rd qtr earnings red flags are as follows:

      1. November 5th, 2009, Expert releases 3rd quarter financials claiming revenues of $305,502.56 and earnings of $187,192.17 for the quarter ended September 30, 2009.

      2. January 8th, 2010, Expert posts certified 3rd quarter financials on with revenues and earnings far less than the November 5th, 2009 report. Revenues now show $176,238 and earnings of $85,034.

      3. January 13, 2010, Expert releases a PR under pressure from shareholders to explain this discrepancy and announce a conference call for that night. The explanation is that in the November 5th press release, June was accidentally included in the quarter June was backed out in the January 8th certified financials.

      On the conference call CEO Robert Rico said that they had just discovered the discrepancy when the shareholders alerted him.

      4. The difference in the two reports is an overstated revenue number of $129,264.56 and overstated earnings of $102,158.17. This means that June alone had these numbers and during the conference call CEO Robert Rico was asked about this and he said this was accurate. Mr. Rico also offered to provide a June 2009 financial to confirm this information, it has not yet been produced.

      5. Bottom line is that if accurate June alone had greater earnings than the entire 3rd quarter. If this proved to be accurate great, in the meantime we wait on the June certified financial to confirm this.

      Caveat emptor

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      • you best to check that caveat emptor thing again........WRONG. current but nice try.

      • you know what is funny about this? It is the same BS that is getting posted on this board. This is the only 1 "negative" thing people can pull out of this experience. RR immediately did a CC. He could have pushed it under the rug and let it simmer- but he addressed it head on. Apparently the people circulating this do not own any shares because either they are mad b/c they didn't get in- or kicking themselves because they didn't have enough smarts to stay in it and cashed out early. The thing is- this stock is making $$$ and I have confidence in RR to take this company further than he already has. Funny how you can make a post called "Red Flags" when there is only one thing addressed (making it look like multiple with the list out)- nice try. I will let you know how it feels when EXPU is sky-high ;)

    • Lots of things going on, transparency, the ceo is available and encourages investor contact, share structure open, low float, expanding locations, FHA lending (this is a big deal for this sector), jumbo 100 mill loan closing, tri-lingual staff locking up foreign investment, radio/tv/magazine coverage, and an acquisition about to be announced that will increase revenues overnight by 4x. Go sign up for EXPU's twitter messages and you'll get updated fast.

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