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  • ngpharm1 ngpharm1 Jan 10, 2013 12:12 AM Flag

    cramer that no good hypocrite

    he must have pupmped ulta at least 6 times in 2012 and just a few weeks ago he was saying that he does not like when a cfo leaves, well mr cramer not only did one cfo leave but another one left one month after he started and that was a cfo that the company took 7 months to find.
    "I don't like owning stocks where the CFO leaves," Cramer said. "The chief financial officer is the key man or woman, the one who handles the books."

    Although the resignation isn't necessarily a sign of trouble, why take chances? If you're putting money to work – put it elsewhere. As a matter of discipline, "I sell a stock when the CFO unexpectedly announces his decision to leave for personal reasons," said Cramer.
    and remember when herb greenberg said ulta is way overvalued a few months ago and our buddy cramer went against him and continued pumping ulta and added it to his fav momo stocks?
    well listen to what our good friend cramer said the same day he made the comment about cfo's, get ready for this.

    Cramer had been skeptical of Herbalife for quite some time – especially after CNBC colleague Herb Greenberg raised concerns about the way it reported sales.

    "That was enough for me. I have known Herb Greenberg and his work for more than several decades. I know you don't go against him. His work is too high-quality," said Cramer.

    Questions asked by top investor David Einhorn during an earnings call in May suggested he too was skeptical of the company's business model,
    And there you have it my fellow americans, Cramer has obviously been way to comfy with ulta's ceo mr chucky boy otherwise why would he continue to pump ulta to the moon. Didn't he say in that statement exactly the opposite of what he's been doing with ulta?
    google Cramer: Run Away from These 3 Problem Stocks for the full article.

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    • As crazy as some of your previous posts are, this was well stated, in the unique writing style that you have..

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      • Im sorry but my posts arent crazy, everything is 100 percent correct. this is a fraud country. there is no way in the world that the stock market and many of these stocks shoulb be where they are. There are 55 million people on welfare. there are no good quality jobs out there besides being cfo of ulta which apparently pays extremely well and gives out 20 million in stock options. there is still record unemployment, the unemployment rate merely has gone down to 7.8 percent because people have gotten kicked ogg unemployment after exausting two years and are now on welfare. wake up everyone this country is a fraud, a country that is built on propoganda and manipulation. weather its putting bush in to start a war with iraq and afganistan. or putting in a black man for 2 terms to show the blacksa that this is a fair country that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. etc. honestly i couldnt care less if anyone agrees with my philosophies or not.

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