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  • beepeeess beepeeess Apr 25, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    is 87 the ceiling?

    Why do I always buy at the ceiling? Who in the hell is controlling this stock? By the way, today the market is soaring & Ulta is going down on no news. Explain that. It was down yesterday too, so it's not like it had a huge run up & is now out of fuel. The stock has already pulled back. Someone has it in for me, and I want to know who. Show your face, you #$%$.

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    • sorry - but this DOG is going back to $81 SOON! if you draw a trendline from early Feb to the Apr high, you see it is at resistance and will fail next week. then draw a parallel one from mid Dec and you see the huge downward channel it's stuck in. Plus the weekly moving average is crossed under and the daily is trying to cross but will fail. protect your capital with a stop to cut losses

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      • This stock may very well go down to $81 or it may go to $101. I believe more in the fundamentals of the stock than in techniqual indicators. The company is sound with zero long term debt. They do not borrow money to open new stores. They use their positive cash flow to open new stores at a cost of $1 million per store. EPS will probably suffer in the short run because of their accelerated growth rate. If the economy doesn't falter too much then the share price should go up but probably not until after the Q1 report on June 11.

    • Hold the stock. They are on a pace to open 125 new stores this year. Share price will be up to $120 by fall.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • It doesn't matter. They built 100 stores last year. It's like Body Central. Apparently store count doesn't matter unless EPS growth and same store sales, etc. are going through the roof. Apparently they're adjusting the PE ratio to a low growth stock. Every time there's an earnings report and this stock goes no where, the PE ratio shrinks, or is supposed to if earnings are good enough. I don't know how low they're trying to adjust it to. I just hope they do it without making the stock crash. If the market makers never cared about make up, they should have never inflated the stock price so much. Like when Ulta went from 69 to the high 90's on no news. That #$%$ really #$%$ me off. It's the stupid market makers. I wish I knew who the market maker was.

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