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  • ngpharm1 ngpharm1 Sep 12, 2013 10:34 PM Flag

    trust me when i say this

    this country is a fraud. cnbc the cia the pentagon wall st the fed they are all in this together. everything is pre planned and pre strategized. the economy is a disaster there are 60 million on welfare a record. we have millions and millions who havent paid their mortgages in 5 years. we have crazy inflation in energy, healthcare, food and education. most people are living paycheck to paycheck. and you tell me ulta puts on 700 milllion in market cap for making 50 million net profit and thats also fabricated. they do nothing or have nothing special. trust me on that 100 percent. macys is revamping all their makeup and perfume counters they are putting in bare mineral stores in alot of their stores. there is so much competition its ridiculous and you tell me ulta has a 7.4 nillion market cap. this is fraud. nothing but fraud. where is the fbi or the sec. they havent locked up one criminal from the man made financial crisis. this country is a joke. we have a one trillion student loan bubble. I know tons of kids that graduated four years ago and have been working at target this whole time, carrying a walkie talkie and embarrased that they have to go into these #$%$ huddles. this country is controlled by corporations that abuse thier employees because their are no jobs. so who is spending at ulta to make them so rich. to give them a market cap of 7.4 billion. do you know how hard it is to make 7.4 billion dollars. they are doing it with smoke and mirrors. with cramer with pine capital with citigroup. etc

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    • I guess you don't have a clue what women would spend for to make themselves look pretty. ULTA is your Starbucks for make-up junkies. And no competition in terms of their model for selling to women. ULTA caters to girls and women. Go to the nearest ULTA store and watch those girls and women go in there and spend their daddy's and husbands money. ULTA is a cult movement. It's going to be and if not already as common as Pepsi, Coke or McDonalds. When it comes to beauty, girls will spend their welfare money to look pretty. Talk to your sister or female co-worker and they'll let you in to their little secret. Trust me and talk to one. Have this stock since it was just $15 bucks a share. And this is going to be like TSLA or Google. Watch and see my friend.

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