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  • magkandler magkandler Dec 1, 2009 2:36 PM Flag

    this stock is on my watch list

    once the markets turn red and correct this stockk will too and then with its cash load it is a safe bet. for now it has just missed the race and hence too late to get in. will go down once the market turns and imo much more than the general market

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    • Actually, we don't know whether Trident stock will go up or down in the near future. My guess is that it will probably do both (go up for a while and then go down for a while, or vice versa) but nobody knows what the timing or magnitude of these price fluctuations will be.

      Furthermore, nobody knows whether there will be a significant correction in the stock market anytime soon. There will be a significant correction at some point, but nobody knows when it will happen or at what level it will commence. Maybe it has already started, or maybe it won't start until the market has gone up another 10%. Nobody can predict such things.

      From a fundamental standpoint, Trident appears to be in much better shape as a company than it was a year ago, and the world is one year closer to a resumption of economic growth than it was a year ago. Trident's new products, designed after the Micronas acquisition, appear to be gaining traction in the marketplace, and the NXP deal may be yet another stage in the consolidation process that the TV chip industry is undergoing. Whether the combined company (assuming the deal goes through) will become profitable is, of course, unknown. But if the deal goes through, Trident could suddenly find itself ahead of everyone else in a number of areas, including 3D TV.

    • market correction coming, no doubt about it

    • At what stock price would you consider buying?