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  • ryansilverman35 ryansilverman35 Jan 21, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Lets Recap

    Lets recap the amazing performance of IFT over the last four years. In 2009 IFT Lost ($8,636,000), in 2010 IFT lost ($15,697,000), In 2011 IFT lost ($39,198,000) and approximately ($42,000,000) in 2012 not counting Q4. THAT IS Approximately ($104,000,000.00) not including Q4 2012 (which could bring it to 124,000,000.00) that IFT has lost over the last four years. How is the Board tolerating such mismanagement? What is this newly appointed board members doing? IFT has Approx 20.5 Million left in cash or cash equivalent. In order for IFT to keep the Life Policies current it will require 20+ million in 2013. Anyone that can do math, should see a problem with these numbers. IFT has at least one frivolous lawsuit pending with competitors please see case # 502011CA020862XXXXMB in Palm Beach clerk of Court. This lawsuit has been costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. At one point, IFT had two law firms and at least four attorneys working on this pending lawsuit (which IFT will never win or collect on). All of the aforementioned, is in my opinion of course.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell