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  • gr8opportunities gr8opportunities Apr 5, 2004 2:38 PM Flag

    jwarfo loses all his money!!!!

    well, i'm back from my long weekend in the caribbean and i still see jwarfo trying to make everyone on this board believe that he knows something, anything about stocks. well, to save him some time i thought i would point out today rise as well as two different investment notes out by analysts on the stock today-both very positive.

    buy SPIL, ASX and ACLS and even ASYT and in 6 months, you too...can take weekend to the caribbean. heck, if anyone can take JWARFO's shares away from him at these levels, you can even stay at my place...

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    • fair enough.

    • ...just keep buying and you will be nicely rewarded. i do prefer ADX, but opportunities existi in both. i just think these levels are insane, that is why i say strong buy. consider, i feel this stock will be near its $5.8-$6.10 high in another one week...let's see where we are.

    • okay, I'll bend and give you that with your oil analogy. And at the time, because it is obvious, yet post presidency results, the sell off was ridiculous given weak hands vs valuation point of view, which is why the near 7% night gain on was a bonus last evening in contrast to the index itself closing less. However the political issues are not over yet, which is why we here are not over $6/share, in addition to ASX. It is as if there is a weeding out of Taiwan stocks given their as paraphrased to what you said, potential, yet it still remains unclear, given protests and some really pissed off people what will happen in the coming month. All else aside, we agree to disagree, as far as I am concerned...

    • all the BS aside, sorry but you are incorrect. i acknowledged the pullback in this sector and said it was foolishness--and this can be backed up by looking at who was buying/selling. NO institutions sold SPIL or ASX during the 6 day period, only added positions. basically, people heard tawian controversy and those who did not know how these stocks operate got scared off. the government in taiwan (presidency for that matter) have no bearing on how these type of companies perform. this is what matters: The sector is an extremely strong buy, along with semi-fabs. and although I maintain that ASX is in the BEST position, SPIL should still be bought at hard these levels. I do alot of business in Asia, and Tawain is not like China. The presidential election can not influence the export business of high tech companies in Tawain... These high tech companies keep Tawain from being part of China and keep Tawainn growin, so the gov't, no matter which candidate, would support business. It is rather corrupt over there, but comapanies like ASX and SPIL are what oil producers are to the middle east, catch my drift? selling on this news was a suckers bet.

    • hehehehe, you don't give up. So did you get rained on? Listen buddy, your claims are false, bottom line. This used to be an informative board, until you came back into the picture... Perhaps if you asked me what my position was initially, I would convey it. However, to you I personally could care less of explaining, due to the fact that you are the two faced one here. You must be a clinical psychologist or profiler, since you know me so well. I choose to provide information on this board unconditionally unlike yourself, you are the one bullshitting everyone. I am holding SPIL, not buying at this time. Glad you have taken such an interest in bashing me though. Why don't you let others on this board decide who's posts are valid.

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      • you can just look back at all my posts and check out for yourself when and what i said to buy and sell over the past 4 moths. if you did that, you would see that my claims are very real. and , i choose to bash you becuase i DID look at ALL your posts, and they are full of garbage. i am very informed about this sector and the stocks that compete in it. for you to even be in this sector and say this stock is a hold other than for any other reason than you have no more cash to lay out: i know you dont know your head from your ass...well, in your case they probably look the same.

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