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  • gr8opportunities gr8opportunities Apr 5, 2004 3:00 PM Flag

    jwarfo loses all his money!!!!

    you can just look back at all my posts and check out for yourself when and what i said to buy and sell over the past 4 moths. if you did that, you would see that my claims are very real. and , i choose to bash you becuase i DID look at ALL your posts, and they are full of garbage. i am very informed about this sector and the stocks that compete in it. for you to even be in this sector and say this stock is a hold other than for any other reason than you have no more cash to lay out: i know you dont know your head from your ass...well, in your case they probably look the same.

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    • That's a boy, keep defending yourself. When one posts a "hold" rec. it is simply just about a sector, but the stock and board you are posting on, why does this seem not to sink in with you, you seem and act like the know it all? Based on sentiment disclosure, I rate this a hold, especially given the current politcal issues in Taiwan. My entitlement. You seem to be rating SPIL for everyone else here to see you, of all people, rate it a "strong buy" to pump it up for your own benefit... so you continue to rate it for the board buddy. Not my intention here, as it seems yours is. People here can see through your bullshit gr8, and to think at one time I did thank you for the rec. on ASX. What a fool I was knowing your intentions have always been vain and selfish for you and your nice marble floors, trips and so on... Does anyone else from the investment or information point of view choose to post the same vain inuendo's as you choose to? AHHH, bow to the all mighty gr8 one. Whatever. Now you choose to bash myself, smast, knip and others for not following you, the all savior, on SPIL and the market.


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      • you're welcome.

        and by the way, the political environment has VERY little IF anything to do with these CHIP TEST-PKG stocks. the demand is not in tawain and the political environment does not play a role in output in that country. in fact, the reason i have been bashing all you fools on this board for posting a 'hold', is b/c over the past 2 weeks as sucker individual investors (like you) sold off in fear of the political environment, knowledgable investors (like me) scratched theri heads, said wow, thanks for the cheap shares, bought stong, and already made $.41 in the stock in about 1 week. here is a math problem for you: .$41 x 45,000 shares=??? give up???

    • how bout this, grow the hell up and stop talking to anyone, nobody gives a shit what you have to say. Please for the love of god, don't reply.

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