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  • cute_hot_lady_wild cute_hot_lady_wild Dec 7, 2009 2:17 AM Flag

    Love to see Topix Takeover RST!

    Topix seems to have all the marketing skills to do justice to Rosetta Stones language program. They could buy it and then make it better and market it through out the world. Look for target price of $32! Top management would hopefully get "fired" with out any golden parachutes!

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    • I called Topix about it and I guess Rosetta Stone is suing them for a marketing slogan saying it just as good as Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is a poor sport! They cannot sell their products and are suing them just for being successful. Rosetta Stone BIOD should consider suicide! The CFO and CEO must go!

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      • Compare Topix to RST? You've got to be kidding. Like comparing radio to television. Why did people start buying televisions in the 50s? Because of the CEOs? No, because they wanted the added dimension of a visual image. Well, as any of us who have actually bought and used Rosetta Stone know, it has had at least as revolutionary effect on language learning. Topix products are fine if all you have is a cassette/CD/MP3 player. Rosetta Stone programs, by contrast, put the user in virtual real life situations with sounds, images, and ideas, continuously having the learner engaged in the auditory, visual, and cognitive experience. TOPIX's audio (and all the others) are fine. But what does a language learner want? The cheapest, or by far the most effective? I know what my decision was, and I plunked down quite a few hard earned dollars to make that choice. I have never regretted it. It seems that most of Rosetta Stone's detractors have never tried the product!

      • CEO is the source of stagnation and lack of future thinking - and should go.

    • Never going to happen! Adam is too stubborn and stupid to go along if any offer comes RST way!

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