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  • teachen34 teachen34 Mar 1, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    I will say it again. it's going down more

    I told you all that this stock was going to fall.. It's going to fall between 3 - 5 dollars. and I should have shorted this at $28. but I don't know how to short stocks.. My loss...

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    • I don't like to see people lose money, so I hope you took profit on those put options.

    • I have my Mar $12.50 puts triggered to sell at $1.00 which is ROI 400%, or course, I may adjust it since I'm already in profit and exit sooner or if it moves down 50c or more today with this strong market, I might stay in longer. I have a couple weeks left, I'm not going to be greedy, I might get out today with a 50c bid. I don't stay in these trades very long although this chart is compelling. Isn't it funny how most price action comes one week ahead and one week after earnings? I need to start buying several days before earnings to capture more of these swings - of course this is NOT a swing, its a kerplunk!

    • Same with me - only trade options no stocks - for one thing options clear my account at 9:55pm-10:00pm the same night (my bank is 2hrs ahead of my time zone) rather than 3 days on stocks. I can "invest" much less money and get monster ROI - for several hundred I can control several thousand shares with predetermined downside. I have so many trades that have ROI of 100-1000% that any losing trades are absorbed.

    • I could not agree with you more. I think that is a very bearish sign. Yes, I dont like it either when CNBC does that. Personally, I will not buy a stock anymore I just trade options exclusively. At what option price are you looking at getting out? Or at what stock price are you thinking about getting out?

    • I don't know why they do that - over simplify options on CNBC - its gives prospective option trades a squewed sense of the risks involved. Assuming an option has no time value from the start of the trade is not a wise thing to do. Ideally, the underlying equity will make its move while there is plenty of time value remaining...have that "cushion of value" makes trading options sweet.
      This one closing at the low of the day just a few pennies short of yesterday's low is a very good sign for the put trade...

    • I am doing the same thing that's why I understand...tomorrow should be D-Day - either the $12.50 puts will rock as the stock moves down through the Strike price - patience is the key...notice how it gapped up a little and then sold off...the "bag holders" are desperate to get out on any little price enhancement. This chart is ABSOLUTELY the worst I've seen lately except for CEDC - check that one out, horrid price drop 36% yesterday plus another 5% today. Good Fortune on your puts...Those long on the stock - hope you got in at the lows of today or yesterday...I hate to see people lose money. While RST is not the Titanic - eventually in a few months it will see the light at the end of the the mean time have business to do. Selling isn't done yet. For those who like the stock, cost averaging down is suggested...

    • Buy puts - ask your broker for a margin account and an account to trade options - you'll be sell to reel in big losing fish like this one. When the people who "bought the bounce" off the 52-week low today start losing money, they will sell and it will go down even lower.
      Not a good report at all, horrible chart, could shed another 10% in the next couple weeks before expiration...we'll seemed like there were more buyers who bought the dip than shorts covering. Opinions?

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      • I bought puts on this one today. I bought the April 12.50 puts for .60 each. I thought that was a steal. I almost didn't pull the trigger then I looked at the chart and read the earnings report. I think this thing could go down another $3 or so by the end of April. I really do hate to short stocks but when it can make you money you have to do it. Ask for a margin account and start buying options. I think options are the easiest way to gain without a lot of risk except for time running out. Do you guys think the trade I put on today of the April 12.50 puts was a good one or should I have not done it?

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