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  • activexcrement activexcrement Jun 3, 2012 10:11 PM Flag

    Moronic Advertisements and Poor Reviews

    Every independent review I have read claims that Rosetta Stone is nothing more than a picture association product. You simply cannot comprehend let alone converse, at any level, even at the level of a three year old child, by associating pictures with new words in a new accent. Moreover, if all you want to do is memorize some nouns, you can do that for free on hundreds of language training web-sites. Banana? How about "I ate a banana for lunch yesterday"? How about "I wanted to eat a couple of bananas the other day, and I would have had the apples not been on sale"? Language programs are designed to guide second language learners through that process. You have to leverage that fact that speakers of one language already KNOW the meaning associated with words, unlike infants and toddlers.

    Finally, what's with the mentally challenged dunce they use in their advertisements (along with the world's ugliest woman, the one with the mustache and neanderthal features)? The dunce tells us how he failed dismally in high school at language. Rosetta Stone? He says it was fun. Note: HE MAKES NO CLAIM ABOUT LEARNING ONE IOTA. He simply states he thought it was "pretty fun". When will this sham come to an end?

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