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  • geronrocks geronrocks Jan 20, 2006 9:48 AM Flag

    To all longs, if you had no shares...


    of Geron and the ask price for GERN was $100 a share with the exact same conditions as we have now, how many of you would load up on Geron. As for me, I sure as hell would. Geron at $100 a share would be a bargain. Recommend this post if you agree.

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    • >>Now Micro, why does Leo think you would not follow Geron's science so closely if you really believed those are the Odds?<<

      I follow 14 other public companies just as closely, Leo.

      And some of them aren't even in the oncology business.


    • Riceen will be wrong Seahawks could never win.

    • Now Micro, why does Leo think you would not follow Geron's science so closely if you really believed those are the Odds?

      Targeting Telomerase has Broad Specificity to most cancers so even if the effects of GERN's initial products only slow Growth or take several doses and/or require combination with other synergistic treatments then FDA approval is likely due to low toxicity. imo


    • So no one here has the slightest clue about how to value a company, eh?

      Not complaining, you understand.

      Never shorted GERN yet, but well before it reached $100 on no news I'd be more than happy to.


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      • Assigning Value to a company like Geron is dependent on what you Value.

        In purely monitary terms, Gern is worth the Price you Pay or Receive in the Market at the Present. The Current Price is that meeting point of Bears & Bulls given the Weighted Market Perception of a limited number of Market Playas.

        That Market for GERN at this time is made up primarily of Playas willing to Bet on Future Earnings on a Distant Horizon based on scientific evidence, preclinical and partial clinical results at this time, including the Bears who bet against the betters ;O)>
        Needless to say this is a fairly limited bag of non risk averse, technology orientd investors and a bunch of blood sucking zombie shorts battleing to progress or destroy medical progress for millions of bald orphans with cancer in wheel chairs.

        In this context, I think the Question should be Who will win the Bets?

        I'm betting on the Orphans based on a heuristic Monte Carlo PERT multi-contingency scenario fundamental analysis discounted for Time and Risk, moderated by ignorance, misinformation and disimformation giving the realistic Net Present Value of GERN a Mean of 30$ give or take 3 Sigmas of 10$ based primarily on the sensitivity of uncertainty of the timing and magnitude of when the rest of the MARKET knows the News with certainty.

    • Why wait to load up at $100; I am willing to sell you at $25. Wait, you are a friend - I'll give them to you for $20.

      Dreamer or Ignorant Fool.

    • I certainly would want some position..

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