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  • snow_tracks snow_tracks Feb 9, 2006 11:21 AM Flag

    we haven't heard

    an adequate explanation of why this one failed to move with the market, or have we?

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    • >>A while is a month or two. I strongly suspect that the presentation material has already been generated and "blessed" by management.<<

      ;-) well, sure. These are not off-the-cuff presentations. If I remember correctly, CF said the material had to be submitted to the organizations something like 4 - 6 months ahead of time, just for a start.

      Bio-Ceo is in a week. I think it was at one of those BioCeo shindigs that we learned of the reduction in circulating cancer cells, so the idea that really good news will come out then is not that farfetched.

      We first heard of the Optimization Trials at the s/h meeting in May 2004. Over a year and a half ago. Looks to me like there should certainly be news on those (hopefully THE END). When we were discussing the GemVax trials last week, it was interesting to me to note that they've already proceeded with some of the added agents. fwiw Late last year Greenwood promised periodic updates on 163L; I'm sure hoping there'll be something about that forthcoming.

      ;-) The last mile is always the hardest, isn't it. It is your call, whatever you do.

    • A while is a month or two. I strongly suspect that the presentation material has already been generated and "blessed" by management.

      For me, this is a critical year. If I don't see any great progress toward a much higher PPS by the end of the calendar year, I will sell and move on. I have been waiting for over 6 years for this potential science to result into actual cures.

      Its time to fish or cut bait.

    • I suppose you have to define what "a while" is. BioCeo is Feb. 14/15 and should be good for some trial information, as should AACR in April.

      What is most important is whether or not the company will present at ASCO. Nothing presented at ASCO can have been previously presented, so based on the presumption that Geron will again present at ASCO, BioCeo and AACR - by what they tell us - ought to give us some substantial clues as to what might show up at ASCO. (ASCO is June 2 - 6, 2006)

    • The simple answer that the cheerleaders refuse to accept is that there is no near term news that will cause this stock to jump. The Market is just not good at keeping secrets. Look what has happened just after a few of the recent unexpected "small" PPS jumps. News!!! Someone knew ahead of time.

      I'm not saying that great things will not happen!!! They might! But, not in the next month or two.

    • AND YOU WON'T EITHER.......(",)

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