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  • texmac2323 texmac2323 Sep 1, 2007 12:38 AM Flag

    Bush Cons attacking GERON


    �It's unfortunate that Geron's CEO, Tom Okarma, felt the need to blatantly misrepresent the field of stem-cell research in order to advance his company's work in destructive embryonic stem-cell research,� said Dawn Vargo, associate analyst for bioethics for Focus on the Family Action.

    A recent announcement by biotechnology company Geron that it has repaired heart-attack damage in rats with human embryonic stem cells may have given its stock a big boost, but some people aren�t buying it.

    �This research required the destruction of young human embryos in order to experiment on rats suffering from heart attacks. In sharp contrast, noncontroversial adult stem cells are being used to treat patients suffering from heart ailments in more than 100 clinical trials.�

    For GERON longs, this religious right group works very close with the Bush-Rove White House ,and this group has pledged to continue attacking the credibility of Dr. Okarma ,while over seeing the total destruction of hesc research companies like GERON and STEM.

    ***Some of those missing White House email that Karl Rove accidentally lost, will show up in the near future and confirm the depth of their involvement.

    So the next time a stem cell basher accuses a GERON or STEM long of performing homosexual acts, just understand, he is working for the lord, and earning less money than the intellectual stem cell bashers.

    Homosexuals and stem cell researchers are all fair game in the eyes of the lord. The Bush White House and the Pope have compared ESC researchers to Hitler's Nazi researchers-----tex

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    • There is NOTHING Christian about the "Religious Right"

      They have become an oxymoron. Focus on the family is so far from Jesus teaching as to be near opposite. At the same time these same people support illegal spying, Torture, Secret torture prisons, detention without trial (throw out habeas corpus), and essentially shred he constitution. They don't talk about what Jesus said or did. they talk about what dr. Dobson's narrow mind edicts. They don't talk about science, they talk in terms of propaganda. they don't debate, they dictate. They don't like the idea of progress or freedom, or geninue christianity. No, they worship the almighty dollar, and that's a GOD that pisses the real GOD off. They are Pharisees and hypocrits.

      But don't worry, Just say a prayer and the real GOD will take care of them. The real God knows that healing on the Sabbath is LOVE. The real God who created life, knows that immortal HESC's are the tools we are allowed to have to cure all disease. Nowhere in the bible is it forbidden to have test tube babies, or to borrow some stem cells from frozen embryos and then replicate them. NOWHERE DOES IT SAY ANYTHING OF THE KIND. But it does talk about those who are FALSE TEACHERS, And those who are Pharisees, and those who Torture and imprison the innocent. Oh it talks about them, and I sure wouldn't want to be them!

    • The most revolting aspect of Rove's strategy for Bush to win via the wooing of the Religious Right was Bush's eager agreement to do so. Sadly, all mankind's hopes have been set back by close to a decade for cures of some of the most terrible illnesses that exist in the World today. Rove (of whom it was reported last week on FOX news via Chris Wallace) reads a daily devotional (yeah, lads in leather is more like it), and was not playing political gamesmanship with the anti stem cell campaign, but rather fully believed in the sanctity of human life ( this probably sounds kind of ironic to the 100,000 plus Iraqi civilians killed during our anti terrorist war). The manipulation of a large segment of the population by this Administration is, if nothing else, a clear indicator of the quality of public education in our school systems.
      This Administration, which was never elected by popular vote in EITHER election (thank you Jeb and Diebold), as done more to destroy the United States than "that terrorist fella", Ben Laden had ever hoped to dream of accomplishing.
      The Patriot Act has been abused no end for illegal wiretaps and spying on our citizens, the rise of secret earmarked funding tagged on to various bills, while the heinous product of BOTH PARTIES, could have been squashed early on by a less corrupt Administration. Our currency has lost perhaps 40% purchasing power during Bush's tenure ($75 bbl oil is right in line with this inflation). The American family has been seduced by the media and the Banks, much like the entire Country, to spend today with the idea of
      paying off today's obligations with cheaper dollars tomorrow.
      Of course, China now owns us, and there is nothing we can do
      to bring pressure on them and their planned Economic Colonialism throughout the undeveloped and developed Nations.
      Folks, you have just watched the destruction of the Greatest Country in the History of the World. It happened so quick and so deftly, that sadly, most of the population has no idea that they are a "dead man walking".
      The anti Stem Cell campaign was one was strategy in the Rovian play book, but, sadly one that is far more reaching than anyone really understood.

    • blackmango.... your arguments about the geron executive team are nothing more than childish rants. on the board dummie list your close to the top

    • tex: you do NOT set the record straight!!! You are looking through rose colored glasses when you praise Dr. O. He does nothing to improve investor relations when he gives himself a HUGE compensation package with few, if any, real results!!!! His butt has overloaded his mouth on many occasions. His CFO has crushed any mo-mo that the stock gains. Yeah, great management!!!!!!

      Dr. O. and his cronies ARE the problem!!!

      You can blame Bush if you like. But, if Bush was really the problem, why not start a few tests overseas??? Its not that profound an idea.

      By the way, where are the 5th cohort 163L test results??? Bush sitting on them???

    • had a discussion last night with a gentleman who spoke often on religous issues. He was shocked to hear about the similarities between cancer and embryonic stem cells, and the real cost of bush's fleecing of the faithful. He had no clue about the faithfuls role in delaying cures for millions of Gods children. The sheep are best butchered if they don't know whats coming.

      • 1 Reply to prime3end
      • In view of this typical trashing of GERN for advancing hESC research by "killing young embryos", it is clear to this investor that GERN needs to do better in educating the masses (no pun intended) about the method GERN's ability to immortalize a single hESC (which would be otherwise killed by throwing it into the trash) into a multitude of stem cells which can then be used for curing degenerative diseases. GERN needs to clearly clarify (I'm being redundant here) this as part of their PR news releases. This needs to be repeated, clearly, with every PR release which involves hESC research, and even when the PR is about GRN163L TI as a footnote on GERN's hESC platform. I think that GERN is doing a better job in this "edumicating" but can do better. The religious fascists will then be lying or misrepresenting themselves every time they open their pie holes.

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