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  • dtv7777 dtv7777 Feb 2, 2008 12:25 PM Flag

    You Should Be Thanking President Bush!!!


    Thank Bush For 7 years of BIGGER GOVERNMENT.

    Thank Bush for running up 3 TRILLION DOLLARS DEBT.

    Thank Bush for 7 years of "Spend and Borrow"

    Thank Bush for Not Balncing a Single Budget in 7 Yrs.

    Thank Bush for Losing to a 3rd World Militia.

    Thank Bush for Letting Bin Ledan off, Scott free.

    Thank Bush for safely recovering all of Iraq's Wmd's.

    Thank Bush for Spying on Americans.

    Thank Bush for frisking Old White Ladies at the airport.

    Thank Bush for $100 oil and $3.25 Gas.

    Thank Bush For all of the debt, your kids will have to repay.

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    • Ha...put one of your Democratic fiends in office and you will be begging for BUSH to come back!


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      • Riceen said that Giants would win by a score of 24-17. As you can see he was wrong. They're score was 17-14. This proves once again that he is not always right.

      • Riceen sent out his letter early because I think he may have taken a Jet to see the Super Bowl. He did predict the Giants to win by a score of 24-17. He has been running over 90% correct on his Sports picked in the year 2007 and 100% in 2008.

        He also predicted that Hillary Clinton will have the majority of votes on Tuesday in New York. His prediction was 53% over the popular Democratic vote. He has chosen every state right so far.

        Riceen wrote in the " Riceen Letter " this week about the attraction he received from thousands of followers about his success as a stock guru. He says he believes that he is setting an example for the rest of the world, and that tends to infuse even the most mundane details of the future of Gern Corporation to work with a certain fervor.

        He was very happy to see that most of his predictions came true last week and hopes to continue his success.

        Monday: opens at $5.28 closes at $5.41
        Tuesday: opens at $5.41 closes at $5.38
        Wednesday: opens at $5.38 closes at $5.65
        Thursday: opens at $5.65 closes at $5.58
        Friday: opens at $5.58 closes at $5.91

        The elections will have a strong effect on candidates that are pro embryo cell-stem research. Wednesday's increase will be effected by Clinton winning primaries. and on a Friday morning announcement that GERON will have a new patent approved.

    • Hey guy that is new on this board. Stay away from Riceen: He is a paid short that wants this stock to fall to nothing. He calls himself a stock Guru but has an average below 85%. I would not listen to what he has to say in that article he calls the " Riceen Letter."

    • Re: You Should Be Wary of Ricin!!!
      Who is this Ricin everyone writes about? I am new on this board and was thinking of buying GERN. Does he work for the company? Is he on their board? Is he a big stock holder of this company? I would like to have some response.

      The question you should be asking is not who Ricin is but what Ricin is. Ricin is a poison found naturally in castor beans. If castor beans are chewed and swallowed, the released Ricin can cause injury. Ricin can be made from the waste material left over from processing castor beans.

      Your Buddy from the Department of Poison Control

    • 4 sticking it up U as far as he could


    • The " Riceen Letter" was sent out by Birtha early on Sunday. I think about 9.AM. He was very positive with Riceens outlook for the coming week. Riceen was very impressed with last weeks high percentage.

    • It seems Big Bertha's the only one to get the Riceen letter, AND HE'S DEAD!

      Go figure.

    • Do you really believe that Big Birtha gets the " Riceen Newsletter"?

      I don't think so. This Riceen thing is all a joke. Nobody can be that accurate.

    • Big Bertha is the only one to post Riceens letter every week. One would have to assume she's in direct contact with after world, since HE'S DEAD.

      In addition, it's been brought to my attention Big Bertha was the first candidate accepted in the trial that led to Geron's most successful product, Big Bubbas Bigger Boner Balm.

      She's a special one.

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