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  • slightcharacterflaw slightcharacterflaw Feb 26, 2008 5:59 PM Flag



    This post is not meant to be a short bashing essay. I'm simply curious as to how much longer people can short Geron stock and not be worried.

    The market is beginning to take notice of the time left until the presidential election...and are flatly stating that stemcell companies' stocks will rise accordingly.

    Several stemcell companies will have human embryonic stemcell testing beginning very soon. That, in itself, will tend to draw investors, which will tend to elevate the entire stemcell sector.

    Just one positive report from ANY company's stemcell tests will send the entire sector upwards, drawing even more investors to stemcell companies.

    This brings me back to my original question. Just how much longer will shorts have the cajones to maintain their short positions in stemcell research companies?

    It would appear the odds are becoming less and less in favor of short traders with each passing day.

    Would any short trader please enlighten me as to how much longer you feel safe shorting stemcell companies?

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    • I've seen the rat video. Impressive. Unfortunately from a realistic point of view this does nothing for gerons PPS other than short term fluctuations.

      From a trading perspective I'm confident my knowledge of the entire biotech sector exceeds anyone on this board since I've been long and short many of these Co's since the mid 90's.

      Gerons best chance will be for a Democratic white house which looks good and i agree with. GW was without question the worst president this country has ever seen and the damage could take years to undo. Unfotunately our own religious wackos will never go away. Same as the extreme Muslims, they just keep breeding more.

      At some point i will probably go long and I'll be sure to let ya know but this correction in the markets is far from over. Capital preservation is number one. That means GETSHORTY !

      Good Luck To The Sane Longs !

    • As i have stated in numerous posts i fully expect the correction in the markets including Geron and numerous other short positions i hold to continue at least into the summer.

      Barring any unforeseen events i expect a bear market rally through march. Once it becomes apparent earnings will be lackluster at best the next leg down begins. Watch the short interest March into April. It's gonna skyrocket in many stocks. Remember rally's don't scare smart shorts. It's their dream !

      I'll make a promise. If I'm right I'll cover in July and start accumulating a BOAT LOAD .

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