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  • qranger2000 qranger2000 May 1, 2010 8:05 AM Flag

    Dismissal of WARF patents is

    great news for GERN. They have all the technology for using Hesc and that technology is patented. And now GERN can develop any of the lines until now unavailable to them. And just as important GERN pays nothing for the patent rights. A big win for GERN. HOORAY!

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    • Thank you Woofs for giving my argument credibility. Your diatribes were never North of fantasy. You and everyone else have forgotten GERN has the manufacturing patents for Hesc that doesn't require a mouse feeder. They own the Hesc commercial industry for years into the future.

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      • >You and everyone else have forgotten GERN has the manufacturing patents for Hesc that doesn't require a mouse feeder. They own the Hesc commercial industry for years into the future.<

        Lets hope there is a future for Geron. They have not parlayed any of their intellectual property into something tangible thus far. Other companies will pass them by soon. I thought their IP would have commanded a higher stock price alone. However its obvious wall street thinks everything they got is worth about $500 market cap. Even when the stock shot up to $70 in 2000 or so, it only had 10M shares, so back then the market cap wasn't that much different than it is today.

    • Not true. The WARF patents have provided a protected non competitive development environment which Geron, to WARF's chagrin, has largely squandered. Without that shield, Geron will be vulnerable to an onrush of peripheral science that will most surely move the field's center of gravity away from the Menlo Porkers, as the incredible complexity of the human cell is probed more deeply. It is the inevitable consequence of the advance of science, and the reason that simply being first is never enough. One must be first AND capitalize on that position to maintain a position of dominance.

      Geron is run by a professor who best knows how to manage a research laboratory and give jargon filled presentations designed to make him look smart, which one might think was somewhat the right kind of talent for the task at hand. Unfortunately the dominance of the lab must be maintained with moolah. No cashee no playee. Okarma, Greenwood and their pathetic sponsor Barkas are the bottom of the entrepreneurial barrel when it comes to raising the green stuff. They not only have little talent in creative finance and building the image for lay investors, they; actually eschew such nonsense. "What manipulative short trading in our stock? Let us know if you see any." These folks are snobbish fools, so far removed from entrepreneurs that it makes one want to call the authorities to report the egregious investor abuse, but that's not possible because because they are too stupid to be dangerous felons.

      Without a buyout soon, it is possible that the tyranny of the revolution will erupt as the patent barriers come crashing down, and the lab coats here will deign it beneath them to look out the window at the flames because they have been trained to be at all costs, in the face of crisis, POLITICALLY CORRECT, which as we all know is the immaculate science of seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking only of delusional fantasies. No, the loss of the castle wall will damage Geron substantially if not completely. This company is a sublime example of how incompetence, ignorance and arrogance can overcome the creative brilliance of a black sheep founder who they chased away. Pray for the patents, my friend.


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      • Having the patent protection might have been a curse, as Geron became the sole US ESC company for many years leaving it as the sole target of the RR and the RRR Congressmen. If the patents are invalidated, and if the big pharma's dare to enter the field of human treatments with ESC, much of the RRR efforts will be shifted from Geron and onto the these big pharmas. Big pharmas will become juicier targets as they have more money to be blackmailed, or extracted like the vioxx episode. Big pharmas will offer more of a threat, as they are perceived to move faster and stronger in developing the technology. Big pharmas are perceived as able to put more pressure on the FDA to allow ESC human trials to be initiated, thus breaking the logjam. Once RRR pressure is shifted mostly from Geron to the big pharmas, it can fly more under the radar. Plus, once (and if) big pharmas jump into the ESC technology development, many big pharmas may found that they have a need to buy up, to license, and to partner with Geron, thus bidding up the price of Geron stock.

      • The patents are going to expire in 2015 anyway. And anybody who tries to move in on the spinal cord field would be insane, by the time they had managed to create a product, win all the lawsuits, and get IND approval, OPC1 will already be for sale if it works. Tell me how you are going to assemble a clinical trial for an experimental spinal cord treatment if Geron already has one that works. Who would ever sign up for that?

      • Geez Woofs you've really blown a gasket. This company is moving the mountain slowly and you can't stand it. I say they're bang on the right track to irreversibly change medicine for ever. Investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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