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  • mr.k524 mr.k524 Sep 27, 2012 5:25 PM Flag

    New Poll on Geron!

    There is a new poll on the Linkedin site for those interested in trying to get Geron to have a "Special Shareholders Meeting"!

    The same has been asked on Seeking Alpha on the Mea Culpa discussion board!

    It is time to get some answers if enough shareholders will come together, lets see how many are willing to stand up and ask for answers from this management group, this is likely the only way we will be able to have any input!

    I am not advocating trying to have some sort of corporate linching, I do think we deserve answers from this management group and they need to come out from behind the curtain and allow shareholders the opportunity to ask relevent questions!

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    • On Seeking Alpha, we have been discussing the options we as shareholders have!
      Perhaps those interested should all individually email Geron and try to send the message, we are all wanting some aswers and want Geron to consider a "Special Meeting" of shareholders for the purpose of answering questions! It is worth a try, collectively! It will only take a few minutes to make a small effort!

    • I will add a couple more questions!

      7. Why did Geron stop the VAC2 trial starting in the UK, with Dr. Ottensmeir, for Prostate Cancer?

      8. Was'nt this VAC2 trial being paid for by DDO?

      9. Are the negotiations you have said are underway for the HESC IP for the whole package or is it to be parted out to different players?

      10. Is there any revenue now or in the future, shareholders should expect from the GEHC deal, for any products derived from the partnership the company engaged in?

    • I will add one more!

      6. Will Geron even consider giving Bonuses to any executive until the PPS has returned to $5.00?

    • Answers first, linching second???

      Is that the order?

      • 3 Replies to blackmarango
      • "This board, collectively, learning to properly spell the word 'lynch'", third.

      • Here we go, once again, with the "Let's All Get Together And Do Something" posts. Do you "fringe-lunatics" not realize the vast difference in the number shares owned by stockholders on this little-read and seldom-visited stock message board ( or Linkedin....or Pumping Alpha Mea Culpa ) vs the huge number of shares owned by institutions and funds?
        Get over yourselves. Like me, you're just plankton..... doomed to a life of being carried along with the sea movement created by feeding actions of Wall Street whales.

      • Blackmarango,
        I could easily be #$%$ off about the circumstances, but I have found in my life it is better to be deliberate in my purpose and actions!
        I believe there are questions each and everyone of us shareholder have and would like to have answered!

        1.Has Geron done a complete review of all of the remaining clinical trials and the respective responses?

        2. Has Geron compared its results to the results thus far with the trials conducted by NIH and NCI's trials of Imetelstat?

        3. Has Geron done a complete comparison of Imetelstat combined with Paclitaxel to Imetelstat combined with all of the other drugs it was combined with and if so, what are the results?

        4. How many parties are still competing for the HESC platform/IP at this time and what kind of time frame are we looking at to a see a resolution or conclusion?

        5. Does the patent appeal have some sort of impact on these negotiations?

        These are just a small example of the questions I believe are deserving of answers and I do not believe the answers will compromise Geron or any corporate secrets!

        Anyone else have any suggestions?

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