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  • poppinmoremidols poppinmoremidols Nov 22, 2012 3:06 PM Flag


    Remember when she/it/shim thought that Obama was going to save this company?!!! HAha...I don't always double down on failure..but when I do, I vote OBAMA!!

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    • Rocks was an absolute idiot who, unfortunately, was able to sway many on this board with his 24/7 spin doctoring. He did not know anything about managing a small business or bringing a new product to market. In that respect, he and little tommy were birds of a feather.

      I don't know if he was for real with all his personal problems or not, and I really don't care!!!

      I hope that he actually did invest all his money in GERN and then lost it. He certainly deserved what he got!

      It may be that he was just another troll???? We'll probably never know!

      Of course, IMO.

    • Good luck with that. But, soon the debt will make us another Greece. Worse, if China returns our bonds asking for the cash we will be in a financial disaster unable, without credit. to buy or sell anything, or even pay debts like the social programs: that is Greece today. Germany is saving Greece by buying their worthless bonds. Who will buy our worthless bonds? Nobody. There is insufficient wealth in the world to do that. The answer for the individual is to buy a gun and gold. You will need both to survive the on rushing financial collapse of a once great nation.

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      • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Am I going to have to listen to you Republican, Tea Baggin', religious-right nutcases whine for the next four years? You lost! Get over it!

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Socialist Argentina another socialist system bankrupt,they can't pay back loan,no payments in 11 yrs.hahaha
        Argentina will appeal a US judge's ruling ordering it to pay $1.33bn to investment funds holding bonds that the country defaulted on in 2001, the economy ministry has said.
        "We will file an appeal Monday before the court," Hernan Lorenzino, the economy minister, said at a news conference on Thursday.
        "We do not think it is right or legitimate to pay vulture funds," he said.
        "It goes above the laws and sovereignty of Argentina and affects the international financial system"
        - Hernan Lorenzino, Minister of Economy
        On Wednesday, US District Judge Thomas Griesa ordered Argentina to pay holders of the original defaulted bonds in full - about $1.33bn - next month when interest payments are due to holders of its restructured debt.
        Socialist attack with words like VULTURE funds are the problem, Socialist Obama rich pay your fair share.Socialist what a nightmare hahaha

      • I think you missed my point. Obama is a total failure..but America seems to be too stupid..they need another 4 yrs to be sure...I just hope those that voted for him are the first to be laid off.

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