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  • blackmarango blackmarango Dec 5, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    What a POS!!!

    I have often asked myself how can a company that was so promising become such a POS?????

    The only answer that I can give is that GERN management has been and continues to be the worst in the business field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It really puts salt into the wounds that they think that they are doing such a good job that they give themselves bonuses and raises EVERY year.

    Go Figure!!!!!!

    Of course, IMO.

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    • Just wondering how long before GERN goes belly-up?

      Anyone care to comment?

    • Oh, what could have been!!!

    • Black, you know im a fan of restarting opc1. Well now that everyone involved with grn1005 is gone and the earmarked money to fund it doesn't need to be spent on it and seeing that imetelestat showed problems in the past im just wondering how much money it would cost to restart hesc. I bet that if chip were to get in front of the microphone and tell everyone that hesc was back in the pipeline that investors would start buying again.
      How much money was 1005 supposed to cost?
      How much money would it take to finish opc1 ph1 with dose escallation.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 2 Replies to jssflash
      • The company has 90 million in cash.
        By dropping GRN1005 they have reduced their burn rate enough that they have enough on hand to go another 2 1/2 years before they absolutely have to raise more money.
        To restart the OPC1 trial would cut that time in half, and unless there is a catalyst in the next twelve months to move the share price seriously up they will either have to dilute a huge amount to get cash or be bought out for peanuts.
        I don't see that kind of catalyst in the next 12 months, even though the ET data looks very good and the hope that Imetelstat can be shown effective in short Telomere solid tumors looks promising. Getting that to the clinic and then conclusive results will take a while.
        I doubt that restarting the program would give the share price much of a boost since the lack of cash should be a negative to most investors
        The only way I see Geron restarting the OPC1 program is if CIRM offers to foot the entire bill.
        Geron really has tossed the esc program overboard, scientists laid off and equipment sold for peanuts at auction.
        The best chance for OPC1 is with Okarma and West who really are believers in stem cells.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • jss: I just don't believe that anything related to stem cells will save GERN right now. It would take too much time to restart the program, etc.

        I think that the only hope is that some treatment related to 163L shows significant success and then GERN is bought by a big pharm.

        Of course, IMO.

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