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  • blackmarango blackmarango Dec 27, 2012 10:34 PM Flag

    GERN in 2013

    As I was reviewing my overall portfolio, I was thinking about each individual stock.

    Sure the Market has sucked and stem cell stocks have sucked especially bad!

    GERN had so much promise 10 years and now I'm wondering when they will turn out the lights.

    What happened? (Of course, I know the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    What do you think will happen to GERN in 2013?

    Realistic thoughts?

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    • "What do you think will happen to GERN in 2013?"

      Unfortunately, little good will happen for Geron, or any biotech, in this economic climate whether it has any effective new drug, even a cure for cancer. Obama's so-called "humanitarian" instincts do not extend beyond social engineering or wealth redistribution. He has paralysed the free-market economy, especially pharmaceuticals, with his punitive regulatory policies and is now doubling down on them since his re-election. Pharmaceuticals were so hard-hit by these policies during his first term that they were unable to produce sufficient qualtities of long-approved standard-of-care drugs to meet clinical demand - try buying prescribed tamiflu at a pharmacy - there is very little available.

      Pharmaceuticals remain on Obama's enemies list along with every other non-government-owned industry and they are unlikely to spending what cash they have squirreled away on new drugs or biotechs like Geron, rather than trying to hunker-down to survive Obama's second-term economic holocaust.

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      • gramps: I tend to agree with you, but Obama has had a very dis-functional Congress to work with. I strongly suspect that the next 2 years will be very much like the last 2 years!!! We, The People, deserve what we get because we re-elected these clowns when we did have a choice to change. I guess that is sort of like when we, GERN investors, had a chance to get rid of Barkus, but re-elected him. I guess some things just don't change!!!!!!!!!!!

        As for GERN, unless they do something REALLY good soon, they may not be around 2 years from now.

        Of course, IMO.

    • cog: just take a hard look at the GERN PPS in 2006, then compare it to today and THEN tell me that I have been wrong with all the negative comments. The PPS has been flushed right down the old toilet while management has rewarded themselves with big bonuses every year (I haven't seen anything about bonuses this year). Maybe they are too ashamed to publish the bonus data for this year?

      yog: it sure seems that the GERN pony is down to one trick. This trick better be good or the curtain may fall.

      Of course, IMO.

    • This is what I think will happen, in 2013

      the Hec’s IP will be sold together with the company. The bride has lost allot of weight lately and looks more attractive than ever to big Pharma.
      All the fake jewels have been exposed and disposed of; the 163 Large diamantes on her crown look genuine all right and are a real bargain, knowing diamantes of this size are very rare.

      The painful connection with Hecs is cut of, and big Pharma can use it to their advantage: as long as the public opinion (poked by fanatic religious groups) are against it , they are the guardians of ethics and can use the IP to block the competition as a nice side effect. When finally people will come to their senses they can dominate the market again using their IP.

      The bride has no debt, got rid of most of her personnel and has a nice dowry.
      There are no more loose ends, Imho of course
      Now, this can count as a conjecture don’t you think Main?

    • Black, sincerely the responses above by Cognoso and Gosmoke cover the points I wanted to make. In short, after all the frustration for the last few quarters, there is a strong possibility that the last straw would be golden but I doubt that its future will be as bright as we had anticipated a few years ago. The company then was perceived to a global pioneer; now, we have to be content to see it as one of several in the field of Oncology!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • in 2013, geron is going to go higher. a lot higher.
      obviously scarlett has a plan. that's why he shut down the hESC program. then pulled the plug on the GRN163L breast cancer study. and did away with the GRN1005 program. there's a reason he took those steps and that's because he thinks he's got a winner. after all, that's why he bought 75,000 shares @$1.72/share back in january. and from Dr. Baerlocher's positive presentation at ASH regarding the results of her study, it looks like there's reason to be optimistic!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Geeez! same old, same old from this cynical and IMO seemingly purposeful negative flapper since 2006. If during all this time he had a positive comment about anything ever I must have missed it. Despite all his yapping Geron is still standing and Imetelstat in essential thrombocythemia data had 14 patients in the trial and 100% had a hematologic response.

      In the multiple myeloma trial Geron announced that Imetelstat showed a "rapid and significant" decrease in myeloma progenitor cells in eight out of nine patients and that is a response rate of 88.89%. Geron's shares should not have difficulty rallying if the company releases any further good clinical trial data in the first half of 2013. It will also rally on any further news related to sale of its stem cell assets.

    • He asks for conjectures.......but wants them to be "realistic thoughts."

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .......what a Bozo.

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      • No one.......and I do mean NO ONE......posting on this little-read and seldom-visited stock message board has a FREAKIN' CLUE as to what will happen to Geron in 2013. Any published comments concerning this is simply MORE CONJECTURE on the part of the assembled "fringe-lunatics".

        Make your own decisions. You'll be much better off by doing so.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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