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  • ryan_weisman2011 ryan_weisman2011 Jan 14, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Good G-d BTX

    Market applauds their pilfering of the hESC program...

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    • I've always wondered if the multiple-ID, "fringe-lunatic", Geron-negative, Bozo calling itself "ryan_weisman" was really a Jew......or if it had simply appropriated a Jewish name for use on this forum. My suspicions as to its religion has been strengthened, now, by its refusal to spell the word "God".....something many Jews, traditionally, avoid.......believing the spelling of "God" verboten since, by doing so, it could, possibly, be erased.

      Shalom, "ryan".

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Let's get this straight. Geron HAD no " hESC program" TO "pilfer". Geron's hESC program has been stopped for over a year......with all the hESC scientists having left Geron and gone elsewhere. Geron has been, solely, an oncology company ever since.

      What ACTUALLY happened was.........after shopping its, up-to-time-of-stoppage, totally unsuccessful, hESC patents and ip for over a year.....with no takers.....Geron will now reward its shareholders with 19 - 22 percent of SOMETHING.......whereas, before, Geron's shareholders had received 100 percent of NOTHING......a pretty good deal for Geron shareholders, IMHO.

      The "market" seems to be applauding Geron's divestiture of its hESC patents and ip with, almost daily, rises in stock price.

      Strong Buy Sentiment Disclosure is for Geron Corporation only.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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