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  • blackmarango blackmarango Feb 21, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    EXEL Earnings

    yog: I just looked at the Q4 EXEL earnings.

    They sure were #$%$.

    Sort of explains the recent PPS slump.

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    • EXEL management may be playing the same games with compensation that GERN ALWAYS does. It sure would be nice if there were some viable checks and balances in establishing compensation but the BoDs are always stacked in favor of the managers.

      Of course, IMO.

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      • Yes, Black. Bloody managements of more and more growing companies is infested with greedy executives who lie in bed with Wall Street dogs, just like Geron's current management. Often, the companies staff come up with excellent and novel product, only to be sold cheap or passed over to other companies with close ties to the management. And, the Wall Street dogs are always looking for ways to eat others' well-earned lunch. I suspect the same with Scarlett and Huh, especially Huh, to do the same to Geron shareholders and staff employees. Then, the only good choice left for us investors is to be short-term traders OR make on long-term commitment to any such bloody company. More and more I am getting convinced that it's wiser to be a short-term trader than loosing your shirt by investing long-term in such companies.

    • Black, the estimate was for a loss of 24 cents; they got 28 cents! I think the increased loss was primarily due to commercialization costs for Cabo. What bothers me is that Morrissey et al squeezed hefty salary increases and bonuses before a penny is realized from the sale of Cabo! Also, it is indicated in the filing that the company may have to look for additional funding; meaning further dilution. However, it has $400M in cash and the burn rate is $200M. Thus, the company may have to begin looking for funding some time soon after year end. Hopefully, by then, other applications of Cabo would be known with more certainty and the betters would shoot up the share price, ignoring MMM's greed. If so, the effect of dilution, if any, would be negligible compared to current level. Also, the company has many other partnerships which would show some benefits. We will see. In any case, the share price is likley to be range-bound until the air clears for sure!

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