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  • mruyog mruyog Mar 21, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    Let Us Review Some Facts

    The MM Ph. II trial with 90+ patients ended in Dec 2013. The ETPh II trial will end in March 2016 and the Mayo sponsored study will end in March 2014. Nothing else in hand except the NSCLC study with short telomeres. Looks like the company is not going after Ph III for the MM - something like giving up on the solid tumor trials last year!!

    So, where does the $96M (+$50M if it's true as Anna wrote to Ryan) cash will carry the company with say a burn-rate for the forthcoming years of say approx. $50M? That's, not until Ph II of ET trial is ended! Also, note that ET is not a very lucrative field, like MM or NSCLC.

    All this means that the company must merge with a big pharma so that Ph III of ET trial and company-sponsored trial(s) of myelofibrosis etc. (Mayo's work extension) as well as precise scope development of NSCLC for short telomeres can be taken up. Huh-Scarlett and company surely bungled on the solid-tumor trials by abrupt stoppage and not prioritize study of teleomere-length based efficacy of Imetelstat for solid-tumor applications instead. Yet, the bozos saw it fit to award themselves $1M each!!

    My point is that there is a future for Imetelstat but we can't depend on these two bozos to accomplish that because they have repeatedly bungled. A well-run big pharma must take over and expell these two bozos and remove the rest of the board. This must happen soon and that's what the Street is apparently after!! Should we stay tuned? Your choice!!!

    Any comments or suggested corrections? Please feel free.

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    • Guess that means they'll be raising the 50 million when the pps is down around $0.70.


      Hey Ryan, since you're the only one Anna speaks to, maybe you could ask what the shares out currently is ? Seems we have shares missing. This affects ones ability to value Geron. They wouldn't want to mislead folks so I'm sure she'll answer quickly.

    • All Anna said was that the $96 Million did not include the MLV deal.

      So they have $50 Million available to sell at market... I have no idea whether they have done that.

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      • They probably would not until next year, if so required. With MM apparently out of consideration for immediate attention, the company must focus on short-telomere cancers and expanding Mayo's work on myelofibrosis. If they do that with some good foresight (which the management lacked so far) and after placing the company progress on an even keel, raising money through that offering would be a good idea. I think they must first remove management member(s) who are responsible for the missteps they took during the last one year or so. I hope some influential institutional shareholders initiate such an action.

    • did not verify mruyg cited points, however, the general synopsis of the post is quite true. imetelstat is where the money is. the development of this oligonucleotide requires deep pockets , so the company either goes into partnership or is aquired. and this is the purpose of chip.

    • A meeting of big holders with management is better than public demonstration. Objective: removal of CHIP and HUH.

      Another possibility: a legal procedure against the company, such as stopping the stem cells assets transfer in the absence of stock holders votes.

      This company is mismanaged, as pointed out by stock analysts.

    • What in the world are you talking about? There is no MM phase II trial with 90 patients in it. The current phase II MM trial is not enrolling and is certainly not fully subscribed and it is certainly not Dec 2013 yet. Geron has no plans to develop MM as an indication at all. I think you have been smoking imetelstat. Correct me if I am wrong. This companies only marginal hope is MPN and that data is so far off...

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      • You have to remember this when posting on this message board. You're communicating with "fringe-lunatics" who will do anything to give the impression to other "fringe-lunatics" they have an "inside track" with Menlo Park or "have the ear" of Geron officials. I doubt, very seriously, that Anna has communicated with anyone on this board about anything having to do with how much money is, actually, in Geron's coffers. This, in my opinion, is just another hoax perpetrated by some poor, deranged, home-bound, multiple-ID, "fringe-lunatic", Geron-negative, Bozo whose only feelings of self-worth stem from his existence on this little-read and seldom-visited stock message board.

      • biopearl, I summarized from the source referenced in the Geron website for trials data. It's possible that my memory would have been a bit altered; but, I have doubt it is so. Anyhow, you can verify.

        Regarding Multiple Myeloma trial, I think, it was announced that the trial would not be taken further (since - I read some where - there is a better and cheaper alternative to Imetelstat already for MM!) The MM trial did not fail; but, the management perhaps thinks that it's more appropriate not to persue it now. Thus Imtelstat is apparently effective for MM and that can be studied in detail later.

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