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  • blackmarango blackmarango Apr 1, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    ACTC - 150,000 Stem Cells

    Well boys and girls, we were treated to some ACTC stem cell news this morning. They have begun testing, in both studies, at the 150,000 stem cell level. Both patients were injected last week. They also said that they were about to begin their Cohort 2A studies with patients with much better eyesight.

    It's interesting that ACTC has said that they have seen improvement in "all" patients even though I have not seen any patient say the same. It very well could be that the sophisticated testing equipment has detected changes that are not profound enough for the patients to notice.

    Does this mean that the dosage is still well below that what is required for patients to notice change?

    Does this mean that the patients need more than one treatment for noticable change?


    Guess that we'll just have to wait and see! LOL!!!

    I'm still optimistic that we will see some significant PPS gain with ACTC. It will just take longer than I originally thought.

    Of course, IMO.

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    • Until now, the rods and cones of the test subjects ACT had clearance to treat were pretty much gone. Even though they had engraftment of new cells in the RPE layer that feeds and detoxes the rods and cones, no eyesight was expected to return, since the rods and cones that convert light signals to neural signals in the eyes were mostly dead. With the new 20/100 patients, there should be a chance to keep rods and cones alive, so these people don't develop full-blown AMD and may even get some improvement. The 100,000 cell dosage they're now doing should be enough to achieve that, according to the animal studies they have done so far. One treatment per eye will be enough, according to Rabin.
      I can answer more questions for you on the ACT board to make maincoastlover and emcc happy.

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      • sgo: let's keep it alive here because there is too much #$%$ on the ACTC board (yes, even more than here). Its sometimes difficult to find the thread that I am looking for on that board.

        You seem like you know your stuff and verified my notion that that the 20/400 patients may have been too far gone. Of course, with stem cells, we could see some real regeneration.

        As we have seen with GERN, rat studies can provide false hope. The "cancer cure" and "walking rat" are 2 that painfully come to mind with GERN. More than one treatment per eye is an issue that I think should be examined at some point in time.

        I'm excited to see what results can be had with the Cohort 2A patients. We could have a great surprise, soon.

        I don't care what maine and emc think about ACTC posts on this board!

        Of course, IMO.

      • Thanks, Sgo! The information you have provided above proves your authenicity. We certainly will look forward to your posts on ACTC board. Thanks again.

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