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  • jackdaw605 jackdaw605 Nov 26, 2013 6:36 AM Flag

    Here's Why GERN will go Higher than 300% on Dec 10th...

    See Yahoo Financial News for information on Bayer, Nov. 26, 2013:

    Bayer bids $2.4 billion for Norwegian cancer drug partner Algeta


    The push by large pharmaceuticals companies to acquire smaller biotech businesses to gain new drugs that could bolster income is focusing increasingly on cancer therapy."

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    • If you are going to get theoretical, it could also reach it's multi-year high of $60+. I mean, we are talking about curing cancer and with this crazy market, anything s possible.


    • Here's Why 'jackdaw605" Could Be Considered 300% More Ignorant Than The Average Fringe Lunatic...

      The ID "jackdaw605" (probably multiple-monikered), idiotically, assumes a Bayer bid for a Norwegian cancer drug partner equates to Geron receiving the same or nearly-same bid from a large pharmaceutical company.

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      • You have been stuck in a rut for years about the share price of this company. You complained when it went above 1.20/share, and 1.50/sh and then at 2/sh., and every penny in between these prices and now. Why? Are you shorting this stock again and again? You need to focus on something else Adam F. If you were not so busy with trying to control people on this message board, then you might have time to consider what is happening among the various players in the pharmaceutical industry. It is not just Bayer, regardless of your ignorance. It was Amgen buying Onyx at a premium, $10 billion, price ($125/sh), and even the generic drug company Teva Pharmaceuticals bought another small biotech company recently to strengthen its oncology drug arena. Wake up and pay attention to what is happening beyond this board!

        Speaking of ignorance, you are the epitome of it. Stop trying to control me, and let me enlighten you. You would be better off trying to control the Andromeda Galaxy, because that will be easier for you to do, than trying to control me.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • The Piper Jaffrey conference commitment is even more proof that CEO of Geron is sending even more interest toward the ASH presentation. He already said he would not comment on the Mayo Clinic tests but he can steer more of the analyst community toward that presentation for one obvious reasons. To me this is just more evidence one of the best days of GERN ever (and that says a lot - check 2001) will be on the 10th.

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