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  • stufngatz stufngatz Mar 18, 2014 6:27 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha execs should go straight to jail

    How can the SEC allow such an article to be posted? Just by implying that the hold is lifted is jail time. This stock is out of control. Some are making crazy $$$ on these swings. If played right, they doubled their investments in a week.

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    • It is opinion, do you not understand that.

    • ...not to worry Stufngas, the Alpha article was buried under the mile list of ambulance chasers desperately trying to get some client bites bfr the SP price moves back up and makes them look stupid. They could have shortened the list to all those firms who weren't complicit in this orchestrated flash crash and recovery. The ones who planned it made the money. Those that held haven't lost and the # of ambulance chasers showing up was absurd, none of which have a case when the hold gets lifted. The law firms would serve the investors much better if they launched a probe into all the crazy SP moves.
      Don't forget few investors had no other choice but to sit this out and realize the SP drop was simply an over reaction to the FDA's call. A call which created more questions than answers. Had the company not raised $90mil+ in Jan.'s secondary not one of these law firms would be advertising their services. The small investor who has seen this game bfr. saw a great opportunity to ride the SP back up and buy more to where it reflects the potential of GERN's best in class drug & it's breakthrough science the drug has to offer.

    • LOL, too bad shorty; you are worthless!

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    • (Excerpt from SA, March 18)

      "The FDA understands that Imetelstat is a drug that will need to be continuously administered and therefore any detrimental side effects will be chronic. Since, there are only 10 patients left in the trials and Geron has recently submitted an application to begin a large, multi-site Phase II Myelofibrosis trial, it is not surprising that the FDA wants more clarification regarding elevated liver enzymes and if these can be reversed upon drug removal. Without getting into too much detail, a lot of FDA approved drugs cause asymptomatic elevation of liver biomarkers ALT, AST, and alkaline phosphatase. The FDA inquiry requesting more data on Imetelstat effects on LFTs is warranted and presents a big opportunity for risk tolerant biotech investors like myself. The stock has been brutally punished on the news, down over 60%. Although responding to the FDA's concerns will likely delay the start of Phase II trials, the delay will be temporary for the important Myelofibrosis company sponsored trials."

    • It is just an editorial, which is an opinion (point-of-view) based upon observations. Two people often come to different conclusions based upon the same set of facts. Only extreme-right-wing-nuts would crack down on opinion. Digest the information and come to your own conclusion. For example: Obama is one of the smartest, and greatest President that has ever lived, since he has rescued us from "The Great Recession", and the "Islamic Wars".

    • I have contacted my lawyer and he agrees and is willing to take on the case.Seeking Alpha will be hearing from him

    • why/////

    • I agree with you, "stufngatz". Seeking Alpha has no FREAKIN' CLUE as to whether or not the FDA "hold" will be temporary or permanent. By headlining their article to read, "Clinical Trial Of Geron's Revolutionary Drug Imetelstat Will Be Temporary", that publication is making a factual statement.....that they know the "hold" will be temporary. This misleading headline and following article, without much doubt, has influenced many investors investment strategies concerning the buying or selling of Geron today's GERN volume and pps spike will bear witness.

      Market watchdogs and government agencies should be able to do something about ( fine and maybe, even, convict the publishers of tampering) commercial stock market publications that make factual statements....when, in FACT, they have no FACTS.

      JMHO, of course.

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      • You don't understand this either. If the Mayo Clinic trials are not affected by the FDA hold, then Geron can follow their example as a way forward through the FDA hoops. Showing reversal for the low grade liver problems is the key, and this may already be in the data with longer periods between doses for patients at the Mayo Clinic. Lowering the effects of imetelstat might be done through vitamins D and C, too, especially the prescription grade of vitamins in combination; it might be worth a try.

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      • Clearly you are not very bright. If you believe that a S.A. headline is a "fact" then you are really in over your head. S.A. pumps out hundreds of articles everyday - some are garbage, some are valuable. Your job as an investor or trader is to sort that out. THe fact is, some of us realized immediately that the collapse of Geron share price based on a phone call was ridiculously overdone. THe chance to buy this stock at 1.50 last week was a gift and certainly nothing to complain about. Even now, tomorrow morning you can buy Geron Under $3.00. Think about that! Does any sane person really think the FDA is not going to allow a PHASE 2 study to be done on this drug? Are you kidding? I'm not talking about approval - I'm talking about a study. And once that study is announced this stock will be at $5.00. Rarely does one have so many chances to get it right when investing in speculative biotechs - in this case you are getting multiple shots so stop whining and start buying.

      • that is what the lawsuit will be based lawyer read the statement and it is clearly misleading and they are making a FALSE STATEMENT

      • ineedonemillionandimoutofhere ineedonemillionandimoutofhere Mar 18, 2014 9:25 PM Flag

        YOU F----N MAINSHORTLOSER1 E XP O S E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Hey main.....sounds like another stupid move on your part.....loser.....your parents were right about is your cheese impacted investment now bum

    • Seeking Alpha.... well, the more I think about this the more I am joining others on the board who question FDA motives here. Quite a bit of research has been done to name other drugs that also impact L enzymes and function. For them to want what apparently HAS to be short term results from Geron when Long Term results are there in the MF trials from Mayo... and for them to stop Geron's trials but not Mayo's.... this is really starting to smell of Wall Street wanting to control this company.

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