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  • sjvxb6 sjvxb6 Oct 3, 2011 1:02 PM Flag

    Read the SEC filings and connect the dots

    Stop listening to the hype and newletters that were paid for by the company and read the SEC filings.

    Straight out of the 10-Q summary for last quarter: "for the nine months ended May 31, 2011, we generated $9,442 of net revenue from the sale of devices and services for PocketFinder Vehicle and VehicleFleetFinderTM as compared to $61,738 of net revenue for the nine months ended May 31, 2010."

    It's going to be very difficult to get this company off the ground with less than $10,000 in revenue. And how have they paid officers and debtholders? By issuing millions of shares of course. And what do you think will happen to the stock price when those millions of shares are dumped onto the market?

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    • the truth?? LOL

      You dont have the slightest clue about the company. You didn't even know they just raised 10 million dollars.

      but you're just telling the "truth" about them???

      what world do you live in, sport.

      and no, no one can short $1 stock on the bulletin board. On the Nasdaq or NYSE, sure, but bulletin board. NO>

    • no one I know ever heard of the stock til it was 10 to 40 cents. The, Cramer's site, has been saying to buy it since then.

      thats How I found it

    • So SPORT, you're the clueless one, obviously.

      Let me clarify:

      YES you can short many stocks under $1. I've done so plenty of times.

      YES LBAS is going bk, they even concede this fact in their quarterly report.

      NO you did not buy this stock at .45.

      NO I'm not a basher or a short (yet). I'm just helping people see THE TRUTH about this company. Going beyond the pretty little press releases that make them sound so awesome...digging into the SEC filings to find those skeletons (and they've got plenty of skeletons).

    • All time high???

      The pps is now .93.
      This morning it hit a high of 1.07.
      In August 2011 it hit 1.34.
      Back in 2008 it was trading over 3.50.

      This morning alone over 1M shares traded over $1 ... so they're all bagholders now.

    • how are there bagholders when the stock is right at an all time high?

      explain that one, sport?

      and you're the bitter one. Am I the one bashing LBAS for a 5 hours straight without doing any research at all? no, thats you.

      I'm not bitter, I'm just disturbed at how dumb jobless people are on this board.

    • Will the agrement be filed in an 8-K?
      i would like to see all the terms that AAPL has reuested. Exclusives?
      Right of return?
      Design changes?
      Realibility targets?
      Promotions and pay sharing?
      Required marketing by LBAS?
      If AAPL puts them in all stores in USA and Canada, do they allow for other sell channels? If they put LBAS on the map they get what? Competition by other retailers?
      I would have thought Jobs would have put the money into LBAS and control things versus Think Equity. That said getting AAPL to sell your product is a great move by LBAS. I still think the value of LBAS is high but to be tied to AAPL in retail is big. It will be interesting to watch this evolve.

    • Yowzer, you sure seem bitter to me.

      Of course bankruptcy IS possible (they even say so in their SEC filing).

      And yes, getting a response is part of my research. It's a good way of finding out if there are a lot of bagholders lingering on the msg board. This board had a pretty good response.

      You shouldn't be worried, though. I mean, you bought this thing at .35, or no I'm sorry I think you said .25. Well, that's amazing dude, you should be proud of yourself. Why be bitter?

    • bitter shareholder?? LOL

      the stock is right at a 52 week high and up 1000% in 3 months.

      But thats a nice attempt at changing the subject. You were looking for a response. you actually looked at yahoo finance and thought they only had 350k in cash with 4.5 million debt. You truly believed bankruptcy was possible. And it showed how clueless you really are.

      and of course all you're doing is bashing. You're the bitter one. You missed the run from 10 cents and its killing you, So you take out your frustrations by bashing the stock. Pathetic

    • I just wanted to get a response...

      to see if there are some bitter shareholders lingering on the msg board.

      I think I found at least one.

    • so you were "just doing research" by claiming they were going bankrupt and you didnt even know about the private placement of 10 million dollars?

      that research? LOL

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