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  • when i saw ron silver being introduced i couldn't help but think

    WTF is this liberal gonna say?

    what a surprise seeing him lay out his liberal hollywood crowd and really show support for bush.

    he brought down th ehouse.

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    • sadly your post is true. I continue to wonder why the real facts of bush's incompetence do not resonate. possiblly the denial, can be accounted for, not by the stupidity of the right, but by their shame at the death and destruction caused by their leader and his many lies, and an inability to admit it.
      Children will deny even when caught in the act.

    • to answer that the documents can be a forgery, but the white house has not denied the story in the documents?

      that is the whole point of this matter in my mind...CBS couldve gone with the origional Barnes story but they over reached when they were given the documents...the fact that the White House didnt claim them false can only show that they know that the story is true...

      the fact that the Country is discussing this while our men die in a stupidly planned war should be the story...

      Kudos to Kerry for focusing on Iraq and the failure that it has become...Just like he bravely spoke out against the Vietnam war.

      GWB is far worse than Nixon ever was and is hardly as intelligent.

    • I'm complemented by your through investigation into the dan rather cbs story.
      to answer that the documents can be a forgery, bu the white house has not denied the story in the documents? stange that

      Now for your through reporting on the dan rather story how about the WMD and the death of the 1,025 young americans in a war that did not have to be fought, with the wrong people. Iraq did not bring down the world trade center or kill americans it was AlQuada. Are you investingating george bush forgeries as hard, do you care about this country and the american military,?? lets hear your reproting on this.
      Why are the right wing nuts in a dither over some 30 year old forged documents? and not into the deaths for bad forged intelliegence bringing us into a devasting unending war. You wing nuts are sicker that I thought.

      Oh dear DAN RATHER LIED how about GEORGIE? does georgie get a do over?

    • and beavers are also pretty single and simple minded

    • And beavers like to chew on people and furniture.

    • documents are fake but the story is real.

    • it will all clear up for you confused people by Nov.2 and don't forget to watch 6o0 minutes in 2 weeks georgie is going to be the STAR
      CBS Says Was Misled About Bush Documents

      Updated 1:57 PM ET September 20, 2004


      NEW YORK (AP) - CBS apologized Monday and said it was misled about the authenticity of documents used to support a "60 Minutes" story that questioned President Bush's Vietnam War-era National Guard service, after several experts denounced them as fakes.

      "We should not have used them," CBS News President Andrew Heyward said. "That was a mistake, which we deeply regret."

      CBS also said it was commissioning an independent panel to review the incident, and would announce the name of the participants shortly.

      The White House said the affair raises questions about the connections between CBS's source and Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign.

      CBS's concession was a major blow to the credibility of the news organization and anchor Dan Rather, who reported the story and issued his own apology Monday.

    • Nah. It was more intended as a dig at us males. I mean 10 years ago I believe very, very few knew how to type. Just wasn't cool. Since the advent of the Internet that's been turned on it's head. Of course the worthiness of the endeavors undertaken may be somewhat debatable...

      I'm surprised I haven't heard stand up comedians incorporate this sociological change into their acts. When I moved to a different city two years ago I used a local library branch for my Internet service until I got settled. I remember waiting at the doors first thing in the morning with quite a crowd to get in, almost getting run over as folks dashed for the terminals. If you look over their shoulders you'll see, occasionally, some guy getting his XXX fix. So my humor take is the Internet has brought an entire clique of males back to the library who haven't been there in quite some time.

    • Doesn't Sarah Jessica Parker look like Mel Brooks? I think that every time I see her, and its not a turn on...

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