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  • PEBBLEHEAD PEBBLEHEAD Sep 12, 2004 11:14 PM Flag

    latest from the "fountain of truth"

    notice that there's no talk about the phony documents or the "experts" that attested to their authenticity.

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    • I hate to burst your bubble but I watch Dan Rather most every night (Mon-Fri). But I am smart enough to see how the news is being slanted. Have you noticed almost all the other news casts are questioning Mr. Rather's integrity?

    • i think they had better music back then tho

    • yeah here is the pretentious peb!

    • come on werner, let's see your reply to this one:

      do you see anything in that msg that indicated that i would have spit in your face?

      on one hand you criticize people who said "love it or leave it" and then turn around and say people spit on you when you came back.

      don't you realize that the people who would have said "love it or leave it" were the PEOPLE THAT SUPPORTED YOU AND NOT THE PEOPLE WHO SPIT ON YOU?

      the people who would have been spit on you were the ones who would have been more likely to have been affected by john kerry.

      btw, how did you happen to become an officer? were you career FA? were you drafted? or were you ROTC?

      perhaps you'll do me a favor: ask your pal if he would have volunteered for COMBAT, which by the way is also a question you haven't answered.

    • Funny you say that about Vietnam, these same types of guys who support the war in Iraq now, supported Vietnam as well. The bumper sticker"Love it or leave it" was in, ie. no matter how stupid or criminal our actions, you better not disagree. Later, in a fine reversal they spat in our faces, guess to show their disapproval for us losing the war. Same trash stands behind Bush today, things never change.

    • >>Hay Pebs you wasting you time<<

      naah, spending time having fun throwing the ball while those other guys are dodging it.

      looks like werner has bugged out. looks like he's not capable of answering my questions either.

      anyway, it's time i got some sleep. i've got 4-5 hour drive ahead of me in the morning up to albany. damn, i hope it's not raining all the way.


      see y'all sometime sunday.

    • >>what a desperate stupid spin...<<

      the question had nothing to do with would you volunteer to defend your country. the question was would you volunteer for COMBAT.

      you're the one doing the spin when you say

      >> i bet you were all for Vietnam too yr 40's<<

      YES, i DID support the war, and my country AND THE GUYS LIKE WERNER WHO WERE FIGHTING IT.

      where were you during the vietnam war? are you as afraid to answer that question as you are to answer whether you would volunteer for COMBAT. (got that? the word is COMBAT)

    • Hay Pebs you wasting you time, to be a lib you have to have a lobotomy, be blind & deaf.
      You do one hell of a job with the FACTS.
      Keep up the good work & God bless

    • lol you are the ones refusing to look beyond yr Rush limbos and yr Faux News lol

    • what a desperate stupid spin... i would volunteer to defend my country but i would never volunteer to be part of an military adventure...and if I did become involved i would sincerely hope i had decent Leadership from above....something OBVIOUSLY missing from this war...i bet you were all for Vietnam too yr 40's ...supportin Nixon lol you are a longtime Kool Aid Drinker i bet!


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