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  • vasgothelong vasgothelong Jan 27, 2006 11:04 PM Flag

    to the lurking Sean Hannity...

    To the Lurking Sean Hannity: I have some words for you
    by adigal
    Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 02:10:29 PM PDT
    (Cross-posted at Democratic Underground - Hannity has been talking about posts on DU for a few days now - I think he is obsessed. I had a few words for him)

    Since your screener will never take my calls, I shall communicate with you here.

    My husband was a NYC fireman, working on 9/11. We both used to be republicans; in fact, I used to listen to you every day. I finally turned you off and started thinking for myself. Why? Because no matter the issue, you always support the Republican way. Now, any thinking person will have some issues with their party. But you never did . Because you don't think.

    Follow me below:

    adigal's diary :: ::
    Take the war on terror, for instance. My husband and I are angry; we are angry that you and your cohorts and this president are using our tragedy for political gain. You see, my husband, a fireman in NYC, was working on 9/11. I thought he was dead the entire day. He is now disabled, due to the clean-up at the WTC site. And yet, even with our personal experience with terrorism, we believe the Iraq war was a sham. We believe that Bush and Cheney should not use our tragedy to promote a sham war, and spying on Americans, violating the 4th Amendment of our Constitution and the ideals that those before us died to protect. We believe these things are fundamentally wrong. So that makes us "evil" in your book. That makes us "un-American" and giving "comfort to the enemy." That makes us "want to see bin Laden attack us again." All things you have said. All things your listeners parrot. And I could never be a part of a party that does that.

    So let me tell you the final reason I became a Democrat and only listen to you to keep tabs on what you are plotting: the rhetoric coming from you, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and your ilk. I heard you call liberals "evil" one too many times, and it disgusted and scared me. You see, this is what the Germans did to the Jews in the 1930s. I used to teach my students the propaganda that went on in 1930s Germany when I taught them the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel. The Jews were called "evil," "disloyal," "against their country," "rats," all words, if you notice, that you call Democrats/liberals. So I could no longer support a party that was actively trying to cause hatred between Americans, and promoting such dangerous speech. I no longer support a party that whips up the worst instincts in its members, rather than their better side.

    And you have succeeded beyond your wildest expectations. Most of your callers parrot the same speech as you, never even thinking (because if they thought, they would not listen to you anymore) that that evil liberal that they are talking about might be their neighbor, their kid's teacher, their doctor. Calling us traitors and treasonous.

    Do you ever stop to think what the next step is?? If we are truly traitors, shouldn't you round us up and execute us? THIS, Mr. Hannity, is what your speech is suggesting, but you would probably pretend to recoil in horror and say that you would NEVER promote that, while promoting speech that suggests just those actions. You would hide behind your oft quoted, "We are all God's children," while smirking as your callers line up to spew hatred and venom against their fellow Americans in terms that would make McCarthy proud.

    This, Mr. Hannity, is your legacy. This is your work. Look at it well, because if the next step is taken, and harm is done to someone in the name of patriotism, the blame will be at your feet.


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    • Well, thanks. But give him/her a few days and they'll be back under some new id (like "Harvard State Grad").

      Just a thought on the wiretap debate...

      Bush calls them necessary to the fight against terror and thereby is doing them eventhough there are doubts to the legalities of such. I wonder how much condemnation Bush really would have received had he sent Army helicopters in immediately to deliver supplies and rescue people instead of waiting for permission from the governor? He probably would have received a slap on the wrist, maybe nothing at all. Seems it's all a "States Rights" issue, and that's been the domain of the Republicans. His own party probably would have been most upset. But Katrina's aftermath chance to "break the law" wasn't important enough to warrant the effort, I guess...

    • When the Dems do get back in power, I can't wait to see who they'll be spying on with a warrantless tap. Maybe the oil companies... they can be considered foreign terrorists, making record profits off teh backs of US industry... or the religious right, they can be considered subversives with a goal of taking over America.

    • schizophrenia... gotta be...

    • Ah shit !!! BURN!!!!

      I also think he has a number of alternate ID's becuz nothing else could explain the huge influx of retards suddenly here...

      ...but dont look for any logical debate from hdgehog...he is as fulla shit as a porta john at a chili fest!

    • Yes, I know Mike Brown is no longer with FEMA. Happened not too long after "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!" And as to your reasoning "it doesn't matter who's in charge", Wow! Would Ken Lay & Jeff Skilling's defense team love to have you in the jury pool! (You've missed your calling...)

      Or, has it ever occurred to you folks in the lower ranks would like to think those who've made it to the top did so through hard work? You seem to advocate it's ok to put a hack in charge (even in a post-9/11 world and it being the federal emergency agency)-- what kind of promotional message does that send to everyone working hard down below?

      I have to say though, strange how you showed up not long after post # 19168. Strange how Telecompost used to want to talk politics with great fervor & zeal, and then after that post went to talking about stocks. Then hdgefund2004 shows up to blast Comcast's service and immediately jumps into political discussions much the same way Telecompost did.

      I think you wear a bad hairpiece, and I think your degrees more likely came from the online division of Harvard State than Harvard University...

    • You should understand that it is not uncommon for some folks to claim victory and move on. It saves them from having to admit defeat.

    • ahh yes indeedy
      peace and prosperity were not good enough for you sex starved republicans. with an astounding economy the best ever in US history and with a huge surplus enough to satisfy our health care issues. the hungry for sex republicans impeached a president who presided over this surplus and economy in order to steal an election an install the liar in chief. who caused our treasury and our army to be destroyed.
      Hedggie calls this not being "100% happy".

      Good morning America Heggie might just might wake up from his med induced slumber. a reeeeel LOL
      As to the soldiers dying in a country not involved in 9/11, we can talk about that emmm some other time when he is 100% happy with the liars and thugs

    • We accept your admission of Defeat.

    • you are so wrong it is amazing...The point was being made that Brown , a political appointee that had zero experience or qualifications for the job, bungled the situation. FEMA was completely underfunded and demoralized by the bush regime...rolled into the Dept of Homeland Security (which has also been shown to be a mess and has failed in its tasks to make our country safer) it was a pale version of what Clinton had made it into. These are FACTS. Are you saying that Haley Barbour, a repug, screwed up the response to the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

      There is really no point in debating with you because you are completely deluded and respond with personal attacks and lies...the "blame Game" as you refer to it hasnt even begun yet...wait till 2006 when the Democrats take control of the house again and gain SUBPOENA power...then we will see the Blame put where it needs to be.

      (funny thing too...Poppy Bush used the same phrase "blame game" to describe the criticisms his administration when he SCREWED up the federal response to Hurrican Andrew...You guys are completely inept in so many ways and shrilly cry foul when any criticisms come...)


      Thats a Democratic quote btw idiot.

    • But not the party in power.
      If you are happy with the way things are just say so. You like the state of this country? You must it is a direct result of the superior Republican Party. The democrats have no influence on what has happened in the last 5 years. The Congress and the Executive are in republican hands. the democrats are not allowed into conference when all laws are finalized. the republicans have passed with large majorities against all democrat opposition every law that has passed.
      All democrats can do is speak out and you apparently are whining over that. you denounce democrats from speaking their minds, why is that?
      Are you stating that democrts are not allowed to express their point of view?? What are you afraid of beside minorities gaining population control of the vote?

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