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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Sep 16, 2010 12:59 AM Flag

    Comcast has horrible systems/customer service

    I just moved to a new house and transferred my Comcast service. After two weeks, Comcast suddenly deleted my email ID's without any advance notice. I called and asked why I couldn't log into any of my email ID's, and they said they automatically delete all email ID's unless the customer requests to keep his email ID's upon moving. What the heck kind of policy is that? It turns out that Comcast's default position is the deletion of email ID's when somebody moves to a new house! How idiotic is that! Who are the morons programming their systems? Then I talked to a supervisor and he said that the initial service rep was supposed to have asked me if I wanted to retain my email ID's prior to my move. But the question was never asked of me, and I was not warned that I would lose my email ID's. I just assumed I would keep my existing email ID's, because who wants to randomly lose their exisitng email ID's that everybody already knows? DUH!!! Bottom line is they are still trying to restore my old email ID's, and I've lost all email correpsondence since this happened on Sunday. Thanks a lot Comcast. I told them I was thinking of switching to Verizon DSL internet service, and they were like "I don't blame you". What the hell? No attempt at all to make amends for their mistake. What a crazy company.

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    • I am not sure what you are getting at Markrube. Why would one ask for god, that's why it didn't get fixed. You needed Droop on the call. What is wrong with those VZ employees. Here he comes to ssve the day.

      By the way, Droop is not a vz employee or investor, nor a Comcast employee or investor, but he fixes cable and telephony issues. And he posts often on the Comcast board. He claims to be a VZ FiOS customer - in reality he is a Comcast customer support rep getting carried away to help FiOS.

      Did Florida have Droopy's permission to have a rainstorm - that might be the core issue.

    • Her's a true story for you. I was at Verizon in Fla, when a rainstorm hit. (never happens there right?)
      TV being monitored tiled Reeeeaaaallllyyyy badly. They opened a conference bridge as they always do. I noted that god wasnt on the call. Please stop. You hath no clue.

    • Money? Does Verizon make money from FIOS? No. will they ever? no
      Do they want to get out? They already have in some markets. Stopped others completely.
      comcast make money? Yes. Lots of it? uh..yes.
      putting money back in the business? uh, yea. the larger fiber network (by far too) than Verizon, um, yes sir.

      Go away..but dont call support after 9. They go home for the day (thats like early morning in India, right?) I'll send you a box. Hook it up when you get it.
      Dan's right. Those trucks really look bad.

    • where is the aging outside plant? I dont see that at all. Shall they go to houses and tear up old wires for new ones? Dont get that.
      Verizon uses the same DAC, Sem's etc that Comcast does. You have zero clue lineman...

    • You sure change your story to suit you intent rather than the truth.

      Verizon tops in customer service, not! This dog don't hunt either!

    • Maybe!

    • Didnt we hear another story last year regarding Comcast where you switched? How many can you make up?
      You sound like droop

    • Wow! You must be really lonely!

    • Notice, I don't post on VZs board. They are static and boring! I don't see any movement there not like here. Investor are trying to figure this company's direction out and if it will pay off. So am I for that matter. I don't believe that are going to stay in the serice area long run. I believe they sell it off. Maybe to Verizon and AT&T. They could benefit by buying a non unit shop and absore the cost to over build the plant.

      Man this stock would pop if that happen! Their employees for the most part would be better off.

    • You sound worried Dan. Maybe you should chill out! It is only money. You put it up and take your chances.

      If you were not worried about it you would blow my posts off!

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